Lisa Snowdon reveals secret treats in the jungle!

Ah, so that's how they look so good.

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Gorgeous Lisa Snowdon is the second star lucky enough to GET OUT of that jungle and she says she couldn’t be happier

‘We really did get on so well,’ she told the dandy duo. ‘It was just a nice atmosphere. It felt like home when we came back to camp from the trials.’

Nevertheless, when asked how she felt about leaving her jungle home after two weeks she admitted: “It feels so surreal. It’s been amazing! I’m so excited to be seeing my dad and boyfriend.”

Speaking on this morning’s GMB Lisa said: “I am actually quite happy. Not that I wasn’t having a great time. But it’s lovely to be out now and I have a complete belly full of food.

When asked by Piers if being voted out by the public hurt, she laughed: “It’s a win win situation when you’ve been there two weeks. You’ve done what you wanted to do and then you get to see you loved ones.”

And when quizzed about escaping grumpy pain-in-the-butt Martin Roberts, Lisa was surprisingly nice about the Homes Under The Hammer presenter.

“Martin has Martinisms. He can come across as quite abrupt,” she said diplomatically. “But there is a child like innocence to him where he just wants to get involved, when he wants to put his suggestions forward and sometimes it comes at the wrong time. He has an abrupt way of reaction, its quiet funny. He’s spiced things up a bit, which is good.’

But what we all wanted to know was – are the campmates allowed to take in any beauty treatments to keep them all looking pristine?

Well, according to Lisa, they are in fact given basic treats to use while lounging around in the bush.

“[You get] no mascara,” she revealed. “Some of the girls had lashes on. I had LVL, that basically curls and tints them before you go in.

“You get a generic body lotion when you’re in there and a sunscreen, a mosquito repellent. But you’re not allowed to take anything else.

“You get a shaving stick and a razor. And a toothpaste. and deodorant. But it’s very basic.”

Although she thinks Adam Thomas and Scarlett Moffatt could win, Lisa says she would like Wayne Bridge or Larry Lamb to leave the jungle.