Lisa Riley reveals she is having a boob job after losing 10 stone

The ex-Emmerdale star said: "I have suffered a hell of a lot of droop!"

Lisa Riley has amazed us all as she lost an incredible ten stone, but despite shredding the pounds she insists her weight loss journey is not over yet.

The former Emmerdale favourite has revealed she is unhappy with her drooping breasts and so she is having a boob job.

The bubbly brunette told the Loose Women panel: “I’m planning to have surgery now.

“I have suffered quite a lot of droop, a hell of a lot of droop – that needs looking at.”

Lisa explained that instead of implants or prosthetics, doctors will use healthy tissue from her armpits.

She continued: “And I was going to have the implants, I saw the surgeon, and what I’ve learned, which is good for me, is that I don’t actually need the prosthetic, the implant.

“I’ve got so much tissue in my armpits now that literally dangles out like two little wings that they can actually make a new bubba.”

Host Kaye Adams quizzed her as to why she was choosing to go under the knife, and Lisa responded: “They need help!”

Outlining the procedure, she explained: “They’re going to put that inside and then they take the areola off and everything.

“It’s a huge operation – but the outcome I’m going to get when I look in the mirror and see those two little apples!

“I’ve had my shelf – I don’t want a shelf any more.”

We have watched the soap star shrink from a size 26-28 to a 14 after changing her diet, which included binning booze for 12 months.

We admire you for that!

Lisa revealed that she also has excess skin on her belly which she was going to have removed when she reaches her target weight.

She said: “I’ve got to. I’ve done all this hard work and I feel like I’ve been left with the booby prize.”

We think you look incredible Lisa!

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