EastEnders Lisa Faulkner confirms future on the show

Is she sticking around

EastEnders star Lisa Faulkner has hinted she isn’t staying on the show and there is a “beginning, middle and end” for her character.

Friday night’s episode stunned viewers when it was revealed her character Fi Browning was in fact Sophie Willmott-Brown, daughter of infamous Walford villain James Willmott-Brown.

Fi (Sophie) and her family want to destroy Walford (Credit: BBC)

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Fi arrived in Walford earlier this year supposedly to turn The Vic’s fortunes around after the Carters had serious money problems and ended up selling the freehold to her company Grafton Hill.

What we have since discovered is that she’s teamed up with Max Branning for his revenge plot on Walford and is actually trying to destroy the family from within – whatever it takes.

But we found out on Friday that she’s not the one pulling the strings, her dad is.

He’s as dastardly looking as before (Credit: BBC)

Speaking to the Radio Times about the big reveal, Lisa explained: “We were always clear that there would be a beginning, middle and end.

“Fi was coming in to do a job. She was never going to be a new regular living on the Square and I have absolutely loved it.”

Lisa was initially contracted to the show for six months, and although we don’t know exactly when that would see her leaving, or if the show would like to extend her time there, it sounds like it might be coming to an end soon.

The family are set to take over Walford (Credit: BBC)

She admitted she’s known about the huge plot twist from the start: “When I went to the first meeting, they literally told me everything.

“It was so exciting to hear how the story was described and the background into the character that I knew I couldn’t possibly turn it down.

“Even though it wasn’t something that was on my agenda at the time, it was just too good an opportunity to miss.”

She added: “It’s been the best fun to play – I have to say I’ve loved every single minute of it, I really have.”

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Fi and Mick have been growing closer (Credit: BBC)

Fi recently showed a softer side as she broke down about her mum taking her own life. Mick was a shoulder to cry on and it looked like they were starting to bond.

We’ve been wondering if she’ll start to have second thoughts about the whole plan and will be the one to save Walford – and the Carters.

Can Lisa be persuaded to stick around and become one of the good guys?

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