Line Of Duty copper leaves fans gobsmacked on The Nightly Show

Actor Martin Compston took viewers by surprise!

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For the past few weeks every one has been talking about cop drama Line Of Duty.

With its twisty plot lines, it really seems to have captured the public’s imagination.

And two weeks ago, fans were literally left on the edge of their seats when DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) was savagely attacked by a balaclava wearing assailant and left for dead.

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In spite of fears that the character had met his maker, viewers were relieved to find out the following week that inspite of being beaten over the head and thrown down a stairwell, Arnott had survived.
But fans had even bigger shock in real life this week when Martin Compston appeared on Thursday’s The Nightly Show.

No, he didn’t let slip any more shock plot developments about what’s coming up in the final episode.

Instead it was his voice that left viewers gobsmacked.

You see it turns out Martin is clearly a pretty good actor because unlike his on screen character, he has a thick Scottish accent.

Och aye the noo!

And fans were delirious with shock when they heard him speak during an interview with show host Dermott O’Leary.

Of course what does a viewer do who is surprised by something? Oh yes, that’s right they head to social media.

“Freaked out by DS Arnott having a Scottish accent! Who knew?” one gobsmacked fan Tweeted.

Another posted: “Never knew Martin Compston was Scottish! Got one of them posh telly voices on Line Of Duty”, while a viewer called Simon said: “Honestly I had no idea he was putting on an English accent for four series,” a third said.

Meanwhile Martin says since it was revealed that his character was alive in well after his vicious attack, he has been amused by the public’s reactions.

“It’s been mad walking through the street with people shouting ‘You’re alive!'” he joked.

But while viewers seemed to have taken to his character, he confesses that he isn’t such a fan.

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“I love playing Arnott but he’s a [naughty word],” he said.

Catch Line Of Duty on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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