Lindsay Lohan takes aim at Ariana Grande with scything make-up jibe

The Mean Girls actress shows that she still has a wicked tongue

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Outspoken actress Lindsay Lohan has shown that she still has bite.

In her younger days, Lindsay was often known to speak out and not care about the consequences.

It seems that she’s back to her worst with a dig at singer Ariana Grande, as she showed off her make-up.

The Dangerous Woman singer had taken to Instagram to show off a new look.

She was made up while rehearsing Hairspray Live for NBC and posted a selfie with co-star Dove Cameron.

Ariana captioned the picture: “I really love you @dovewcameron #HairsprayLive @NBCHairspraylive”

Lindsay decided that it was worth making a comment.

And she threw plenty of shade with it too.

It was only a short message but it was full of venom as Lindsay wrote: “Too much makeup.”

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It opened the floodgates for others to come piling in.

One wrote: “And too much surgery for you.”

Another wrote: “lol n some wouldn’t hurt you.”

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Is this the beginning of a new feud in town?

Only if Ariana decides to respond and seeing that she tends to ignore trolls, it would be a surprise if she makes an exception for Lindsay.

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