Linda Robson shocks on Loose Women as she reveals how she used to discipline her children

Would she get away with it in this day and age?

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Linda Robson left her fellow Loose Women panellists shocked today after revealing how she used to discipline her children when they were younger.

She is mum to Lauren, Roberta and Louis.

And the Birds of a Feather star admitted she used to “pinch” her children when they would misbehave.

Linda shocked her fellow panellists with the admission (Credit: ITV)

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She told her co-stars Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Saira Khan: “I think praising them is really important.

“My mum always used to say, ‘Tell them how good they are then it gives them something to look up to.’

“But my way of disciplining was pinching,” she added, before laughing.

Nadia, 52, gasped in shock before saying: “Linda!”

Explaining her point Linda added: “If we said anything embarrassing, my mum used to pinch our arm and so that’s what I’d do to the kids when they were small.

“Or the other thing I used to do was just shout really loudly and that would embarrass them and they’d stop misbehaving then.”

The star revealed her discipline method was to “pinch” her children (Credit: ITV)

Host Andrea revealed that her mother had a similar method.

She said: “My mum used to do the arm thing. But it was always with this smile so that no one else could know.”

She told viewers that she and her siblings used to call it the “Vulcan death grip”, before adding: “I swear I still have the marks.”

But Nadia revealed that she takes a different approach to disciplining and has chosen not to use any physical methods raising her daughter.

She told the panel: “I don’t want to discipline for discipline’s sake.

Andrea admitted she had a similar experience to Linda (Credit: ITV)

“I always try to talk to my children about what’s gone on.

“I don’t believe in smacking or saying ‘You’re naughty’ or anything like that.”

She went on to reveal that her mother used to “hit” her when she would be naughty.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star said: “My mum used to hit me, it was the 70s we used to get hit.

“But I just remembered all the feelings and thoughts I had when I got hit.”

Nadia insisted she’s never used physical discipline on her children (Credit: ITV)

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During the show the panel were joined by Nadia’s teenage daughter Maddy to talk about the dangers children face online.

Nadia revealed the horrifying moment Maddy’s friend, who was just nine at the time, was flashed by grown men online.

She said: “One of Maddy’s friends who was on a live streaming platform and was completely innocent to what she was doing – she was chatting to some other friends of hers.

Nadia’s daughter Maddy appeared on the show to talk about the dark side to the internet (Credit: ITV)

“And then this thing came up saying, ‘Do you want to come and see our pets?’ So she inadvertently goes into a chat room and, I mean this is really horrendous, these guys started to talk to her and the camera changed and then all three of them flashed at her.”

Linda Robson gasped: “Oh my God.”

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