Loose Woman opens up about her daughter’s eating disorder

Loose Woman says she was worried sick about her daughter's bulimia

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As we all know, there is no issue that Loose Women won’t tackle on the show and this week has been no different with Linda Robson opening up about her daughter’s struggle with bulimia.

Linda revealed that Lauren has battled the eating disorder and talked about the agony it’s caused her as a mum.

The ITV presenter revealed Lauren’s problems began as a teenager when she was obsessed with the way she looked.

She was told she was ‘overweight’ by a modelling agency even though she was only a petite size 8.

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But the comment stuck and soon she was trying to lose weight and soon developed an eating disorder.

Linda says she would stand outside the bathroom door listening as her daughter, now 34, locked herself in.

The Birds Of A Feather actress said “Lauren was quite a chubby child growing up through the teenage years, she didn’t eat very healthy at school.

“She started going on diets and everything and nothing seemed to work, then I found out she had bulimia, she was making herself sick all the time.

“I worried myself sick all the time and took her to the doctors and everything and they were trying to help.

“Every time she went to the toilet I was listening outside to make sure, and everyone was telling her how well she looked.

“Then this model agency asked her to go down, she went in, and they said ‘yes she’s lovely, a size eight, but she needs to lose a bit of weight. I said ‘no’.”

It comes as the Loose Women ladies launched their poster ad campaign, stripping off their clothes and shirking any airbrushing to encourage women to feel more proud of their lumps and bumps.

Their slogan is “You can look but you can’t retouch.” And now it’s more clear than ever why Linda particularly feels so strongly about the issue.

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Linda says those glossy magazine shoots put pressure on Lauren to try and look a certain way but it wasn’t just the media.

Lauren also felt under pressure because she thought her cousins were more skinny than her.

Sharing her own personal fears over the photoshoot, Linda said: “If I’m ever round a pool I always sit with a sarong round me.”

She added: “I think confidence does come with age.”

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