Linda Robson downs shot in hilarious Instagram video

The star shared the video with her fans

Loose Women panellist Linda Robson has shared a hilarious clip on her Instagram of her downing a shot.

The 59-year-old was enjoying a quiz night and after winning her pals dared her to celebrate by downing the drink.

The funny video left her fans in fits of laughter.

Linda struggled to down the shot (Credit: Instagram)

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She captioned the post: “Had a lovely quiz night for Ben Kinsella our team won had my first ever shot wasn’t impressed @brookekinsella #benkinsella #puttheknifedown #benkinsellatrust love the Kinsella all my heart.”

In the clip Linda can be seen holding her nose and downing the alcohol before pulling a face.

One fan wrote: “You make me laugh Linda. So funny!”

“Aw @lindarobson58! Your face! You’re like me, shots are so not my thing either!” another said.

A third commented: “You really crack me up!”

Linda has just returned from a trip to Ibiza with her fellow Loose ladies, Nadia Sawalha, Andrea McLean and Saira Khan, where they stayed at a fitness camp.

The Loose ladies worked up a sweat at the Ibiza camp (Credit: Instagram)

The panellists underwent tough work out sessions and weren’t allowed to eat certain foods.

But Andrea, 47, and Saira, 47, were caught smuggling in “contraband” into the camp.

Nadia, 52, caught the stars smuggling in oranges and shared the hilarious clip on her Instagram.

Nadia captioned the video: “OMG I can’t believe @iamsairakhan and @andreamclean1 are smuggling in contraband!! Well I suppose now it’s here, it would be rude not to… Just don’t tell @thebodycampibiza.”

Nadia can be heard saying: “Oh my god, contraband! We’re not supposed to be eating fruit.”

Saira jumped in saying: “I know but I’ve had two.”

To which Andrea said: “We did. We were literally stuffing them in our faces like they were sweeties.”

Nadia was quick to grab an orange and went on to offer Linda one too and of course Linda couldn’t resist and took one.

But the trip wasn’t all bad.

Linda shared one photo of them all soaking up the sun and taking a dip in the pool.

Linda captioned the pic: “After a hard days work back to the pool with these lovely ladies @thebodycampibiza much needed after all our hard work.”

After a hard days work back to the pool with these lovely ladies @thebodycampibiza much needed after all our hard work

A post shared by Linda Robson (@lindarobson58) on

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In other news Linda has opened up about her 27-year marriage to hubby Mark Dunford.

The star revealed their marriage nearly collapsed after some tough years.

Speaking on Loose Women she revealed: “I love him.

“We’ve had a few tough years when we could have easily called it a day, but we didn’t.

“We just get on really well, we love our kids and our grandkids more than anything else in the world.”

But there have been a couple of traumatic events that caused their marriage to be under strain.

Mark and Linda have been married for 27 years (Credit: Instagram)

Linda suffered a miscarriage 23 years ago which her husband took badly and blamed himself for.

Speaking recently about the moment she found out Linda said: “I went to the hospital for a check-up and they started to scan me when the nurse went really quiet and said, ‘I’m just going to have to call a doctor’ so I knew something was wrong.”

And for years, she supported her daughter Lauren during her battle with bulimia when she was a teenager, which she found very hard to deal with.

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