Linda Nolan

Linda Nolan reveals she’s ‘as bald as a badger’ but feels ‘well’ as she and sister Denise urge Brits to get their flu jabs

The vaccination is vital for those living with people who are shielding

Linda Nolan has revealed she is “feeling well” two months after she rang the bell to signal the end of her cancer treatment.

Having faced breast cancer in 2006 and 2017, Linda was diagnosed with liver cancer during the first lockdown.

Her sister Anne faced a cancer diagnosis at the same time as her breast cancer returned for the second time.

However, both ladies have now finished their treatment and Linda, along with her sister Denise, have spoken exclusively to Entertainment Daily about how the family are recovering.

linda nolan in her garden
Linda Nolan is awaiting the results of a CT scan to see how her treatment went (Credit: Splash News)

What did Linda Nolan say about her treatment?

Linda revealed: “I did ring the bell, I’ve finished my treatment. I had a CT scan at the beginning of the week which I get the results for in a couple of weeks and then we’ll take it from there.

“We’ll find out if there’s more treatment or if the chemo has worked, please God,” she said.

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Linda added: “I feel well at the moment. I’m as bald as a badger. I’ve got little tiny hairs coming through which I keep counting every day, but I feel well, I feel okay at the moment.”

I’ve got little tiny hairs coming through which I keep counting every day, but I feel well, I feel okay at the moment.

“Anne’s hair is growing back,” Linda revealed. “It’s been a horrendous year for Anne as well.

“She’s okay, she’s lost a lot of weight and she was never fat to start with. So she doesn’t look her best I have to say, but she’s amazing.”

Denise added: “Her results have been pretty good so fingers crossed for both of them. Fingers crossed, please God, they get through it.”

Denise Nolan on Loose Women
Linda Nolan moved in with sister Denise, who the ladies laugh has been acting as her ‘carer’ (Credit: YouTube)

Getting the flu jab is a ‘no brainer’

With flu season upon us, Denise also revealed why the ladies are backing a campaign to encourage those living with people on the government’s shielded patient list to talk to their GP to find if they are eligible for the flu jab.

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Linda moved in with Denise so she wasn’t on her own during lockdown or her chemotherapy.

Denise said: “I love my sister and it’s horrendous what she’s been through this year. And she’s been through it once before.

“I would absolutely be in bits if I was responsible for giving her flu, which is highly contagious. To me it’s a no brainer to have the flu jab, especially when it’s free if you’re shielding with someone.”

Denise added: “Even if it doesn’t kill you, you can be ill in bed for two weeks and you are dying. If there’s a £50 note on the floor and you were brassic you couldn’t pick it up you’re so ill.

“What’s the point in going through that if there’s something that can prevent it? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Nolan sisters on their new reality show
The ladies will soon be back on our screens with their new reality show (Credit: Quest Red)

Linda’s ‘stand-up row’ with people not wearing masks

Linda said even though she’s moved in with her sister, shielding is difficult at times.

She said she “forgets” she can’t just go to the shop and, when she did pop out recently, she ended up embroiled in a stand-up row with people who weren’t wearing masks.

She told ED!: “It’s scary, I forget I have no immune system and I have to keep reminding myself. I think oh I’ll just nip to the shop and I can’t because not everyone’s wearing their mask.

“I had a stand-up row with people in one shop recently, kids. At the end I threw in the cancer card. ‘I’ve got cancer, so you don’t worry but I’ll die if you give it to me.'”

Looking ahead, the ladies have their new reality TV show, At Home With The Nolans, starting next month Quest Red.

They said filming was “hilarious” and gave them all the chance to be together on Anne’s birthday because they were filming.

Bernie Nolan outside the ITV studios
Linda and Denise’s sister Bernie Nolan tragically passed away in 2013 (Credit: Splash News)

Looking ahead to Christmas

Christmas will also hopefully be a family time for the ladies.

Linda revealed: “We are such a Christmas family. It is a concern if there’s going to be a spike after it. But then you say are we going to stay in lockdown forever? Whenever we come out there might be a spike.

“I wouldn’t want everyone to go mad and then there’s people are dying because we had a good Christmas. Ideally for us we hope we can see our immediate family sometime over Christmas.”

But is it a bittersweet time with all the heartache the family has endured over the years?

The ladies’ younger sister Bernie tragically passed away from cancer in 2013.

“It’s mostly happy,” Denise revealed. “Bernie loved Christmas just as much as us, she wouldn’t want us to be unhappy.

“We always have a little toast to her over Christmas. But basically it’s a happy time for us.”

Linda added: “It is poignant, obviously I lost my husband as well but they all loved Christmas so we always do a little toast to absent friends and people that we love, but we still have a great time.”

Hoping for ‘good health’ in 2021

Looking forward to 2021, the women have one wish for the New Year.

“Good health,” Denise revealed, adding that her partner Tom Andersen has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

“It’s been horrendous. This year has really been… for everybody you know.

“Some people say why us, but Bernie used to say: ‘Why not us?’

“There’s always somebody worse off that you. So we’re just taking it and facing it and hopefully, you know, we hope next year will be a better one for all of us.”

To find out  if you’re eligible for the free flu vaccine, contact your local GP or pharmacist, or visit the NHS website here.

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