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Monday 18th February 2019

Linda Robson vows to gain weight after criticism she has lost too much

The telly fave has lost three stone

Loose Women star Linda Robson has lost three stone, over the past 18 months, a result of giving up alcohol and sugar and upping her exercise regime.

While fans have mostly praised how amazing the 60-year-old looks, some have expressed concern that she has lost a little too much weight.

Linda has lost over two stone (Credit: ITV)

And the Birds of a Feather actress recently admitted even her family have warned her not to lose any more, telling the Mirror: "My husband and my two daughters have said: 'Mum, that is enough now, you need to calm down on the exercise front.'"

She has now revealed plans to gain a little back.

Linda has taken up yoga (Credit: Instagram)

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"My husband says I don't eat as much as I used to. But I do eat. I had a huge baguette with cheese and tomato earlier, and then risotto. But I think it's all the exercise," Linda revealed at an exclusive event.

"I do yoga a couple of times a week and always try to do at least 10000 steps a day.

My husband and my two daughters have said 'Mum, that is enough now, you need to calm down on the exercise front'.

"I'm 10 stone, a little bit above, so the weight I'm meant to be.

"I would like to put a little bit on, as my face feels a bit... [makes 'gaunt' gesture].

Linda had started to enjoy a little too much wine for her liking (Credit: ITV)

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Linda has previously spoken about quitting alcohol after she noticed her wine habit creeping up in the evenings.

"I don't miss wine now. I had dinner with my husband a couple of weeks ago and he asked if I fancied a wine. And I didn't," she added.

Linda recently slammed weekly magazines for their obsession with female celebs' weight.

She posted on Instagram: "Just getting fed up every time I go into a supermarket I see another magazine saying fans are worried about my weight loss.

"Never been so healthy and happy. Leave Nannylinda alone. I'm happy and healthier than ever.

"You just can't win, you're either too big or too small. I've never been healthier. Eating healthy, yoga classes... oh dear, why can't they celebrate us older women?"

Linda was speaking at An Evening With Linda Robson, a special event in support of the British Lung Foundation held at The Gainsborough Hotel in Bath.