Liar viewers think Andrew Earlham killed himself and Laura is being framed

The list of suspects is long

It is fair to say the first series of Liar ended on something of a cliffhanger.

After Laura (Joanne Froggatt) discovered that Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) had raped at least 19 women, he managed to avoid getting arrested.

The series ended with Andrew’s body turning up in some watery bogland. He had had his throat slit but the culprit was not known.

Laura was surprised at school by police at the start of series two (Credit: ITV)

That paved the way nicely for a second series – and fans rushed to share their theories after we saw new arrival Katherine Kelly as cop Karen Renton grill Laura about how Andrew ended up face down in that bog.

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While the finger of suspicion might be pointed firmly at Laura since she was the one who discovered Andrew’s secret, viewers were not so keen to go for the obvious option.

Wow, what a first episode. ALL of them look suspicious, all but Laura.

Many fans started their own polls to test others’ views on who done it.

One wrote: “Wow, what a first episode. ALL of them look suspicious, all but Laura. This is already hard.”

Katherine Kelly plays tough cop Karen Renton in Liar – but will she get the bottom of it? (Credit: ITV)

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Even Karen Renton confessed to DS Rory Maxwell that the police will have to investigate a case where there are many people who would have wanted Andrew dead, and not a lot of evidence to prove which one of them did it.

On Twitter, another viewer shared a theory. “Andrew’s son angrily confronted him. When Andrew saw his son no longer respects him, he went berserk and beat him up, hence his injuries. As his son tries to leave, Andrew kills himself. He feels guilty that his dad is dead, so he decides to frame Laura.”

Yet another fan picked an entirely different suspect.

“My bets are still on the police woman’s partner. Brilliant first episode!” she tweeted.

The cops are faced with a case with not a lot of evidence but plenty of suspects (Credit: ITV)

Flashbacks to the time around Andrew’s death helped to recap a show which last aired in 2017. Viewers saw nail-biting scenes in which Andrew hid on a boat to evade police.

Some viewers still found it confusing though. One wrote: “First time we saw each character in #LiarITV a brief freeze fame & a bio in a bubble would have made the story a bit easier to connect.”

Katherine Kelly divided fans. One tweeted: “Katherine Kelly is an excellent addition to #Liar. Really enjoying watching her character’s scenes with the other characters in this.”

But others found the hard boiled character a bit too much to bear. “I normally like Katherine Kelly but her character in #Liar tonight was extremely wooden and unbelievable,” another tweeted.

Viewers will have to wait until next Monday to see if they warm any more towards Karen – and if we get any closer to finding out the truth about what happened to Andrew.

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