Liam Payne tells fans his adorable nickname for son Bear

The singer also thanked Cheryl for helping him 'make a human'

Liam Payne and Cheryl had come under fire for naming their son Bear.

Some didn’t understand why you would call your child Bear Payne, after it being compared to “the feeling you experience after stepping on lego…”

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But the 23-year-old singer has been bragging about the fact he ‘made a human’ while he was out and about in America earlier in the week.

The One Direction superstar chatted to his fans backstage at B96 Radio Station in Chicago.

Twitter messages from his fans included pics of him with their idol, and also revealed that he and Cheryl have a nickname for their little one – Cub.

How cute! Their little bear cub.

He was there being interviewed to promote his new single, and later decided to chat to the live audience.

Of course, his eager fans noted every single detail of the exchange, with one documenting and sharing it on Twitter.

“Here’s my experience with Liam Payne…” she said.

Then added: “He doesn’t remember what he last googled, he uses Air Pods and often gets mistaken for talking to himself. He loves In & Out Burger and Red Bull.

“He made a human! His exact words: I made a human. I helped. She did the most **insert noise** only mothers would understand.

“He pointed to a mom, made the noise and said ‘you understand'”.

Liam headed to America on Monday, and documented his super long journey on Instagram.

Being the father of a two-month-old looked like it was definitely tiring him out, as he uploaded a video of his mate waking him up playing loud music on a phone.

The sleepy superstar hilariously starts dancing as soon as he hears it. He’s still definitely in good spirits despite those sleepless nights, and nappy changes!

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His girlfriend Cheryl, 33, still hasn’t been seen in public after the arrival of their little cub.

But the showbiz couple have been celebrating by throwing a party to welcome the new addition to their family.

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They invited their closest friends and family to their Surrey mansion, and ate cupcakes with their son’s moniker all over them.

Cheryl’s personal assistant and good friend Lily England also posted a hilarious video of a pal of theirs “walking on water” across their swimming pool.

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Oh, it’s a hard life isn’t it!