Liam Payne shares details of the ‘amazing’ birthday trip Cheryl planned for him

She's a keeper

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You can always rely on Liam Payne for some details from the Cheryl-Liam-Bear camp that will make your arms get a serious goosebump.

And he’s not let us down with his latest info, about their trip to Majorca for his birthday, AKA their first family holiday.

First, let’s say this was no ordinary family holiday. There were no Butlins kids’ clubs but there does appear to be a fancy boat, which is possibly a yacht.

Looks just like our family holidays tbh (Credit: Instagram)

And it sounds like Cheryl made LOADS of effort to make sure that Liam’s 24th – OH GOD WE’RE SO OLD – birthday was his best ever.

“It was amazing, there were multiple surprises throughout the day,” he told MailOnline.

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“We got away for a little holiday [Little holiday! SIDE NOTE: FANCY BOAT, POSSIBLY YACHT] and she had flown all my old school friends out that I literally hadn’t seen for a year, so it was amazing to spend time with them.”

Cheryl is also looking after a small human and back at work and manages to have time for SURPRISES too?

“And then on my actual birthday, she flew my parents out and they spent a bit of time with me,” he added.

“It was really nice for my mum and dad. We were out in Mallorca, it was lovely.”

HOT (and good at birthdays) (Credit: Instagram)

But while they shared a lot of pictures of them chilling, there wasn’t much slapping on the factor 30 and bagsying a sunbed.

“We had a really good time. Me and Cheryl aren’t really the sunbathing type but it was really nice. I think when you’re away you talk about a lot of different things,” he said.

We haven’t seen Bear but we’d place giant bets on him being a beaut with this pair as parents (Credit: Instagram)
Now when our hair gets in our face it does not look like this (Credit: Instagram)

“I ended up spending a lot of time with my son, which was great. He’s growing into a humongous child, he’s like half the size of his Nan now which is hilarious!

“We had a great time, we went round Mallorca on a boat for a day, it was really fun. You get to think about things and the next year going forward we’re excited for what’s coming.”

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Cheryl and Liam posted some Instagram selfies to show them hanging out looking beautiful on the trip, but we still didn’t see baby Bear, whose image they have decided is up to him to share if he wants to when he’s older.

Liam did post a picture of his tiny little hand though, adding the caption ‘Best birthday ever’ to the Instagram post along with a bear emoji and a blue heart.

Rising out the pool like @henrycavill

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The goosebumps are back, people, the goosebumps are back.

Liam also praised Cheryl’s frankly incredible post-baba figure, which she showed off in a kaftan on board their holiday boat (did we mention there was a boat?)

“She is a superwoman,” he said at the VOX! Event that he performed at this week. “I can’t believe it. And bless her, she’s done so well and she’s really happy with herself at the moment.

“She’s been working hard and if you work hard then you get what you want. She just got involved with it and did her bit. She’s great, I’ve got to give it to her on that one. I think it’s inspirational.”

And also, very good at organising birthdays. And there’s us thinking a caterpillar cake from M&S was impressive.