Liam Payne reveals he and Cheryl are already talking about next baby

The proud dad just can't stop talking about kid

Funny isn’t it, that during her oh-so-secret pregnancy, Cheryl Tweedy and Liam Payne said NOTHING about her having a baby.

But now that baby Bear has been born, you simply can’t shut Liam up about him.

Yes, ask the One Direction hunk the time and he’ll probably tell you it’s 6pm and Bear’s bathtime or something else baby related.

He kept his gob shut when Cheryl was pregnant, now he can’t stop talking about baby Bear! (Credit: BBC)

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The thing is, gorgeous Liam is fast becoming a Peter Andre-style baby bore (Oooh, great name for baby No 2).

You know, the type of dad who witters on endlessly about their babies.

This, of course, can be cute. From time to time.

But Liam has been very forthcoming about life as a dad and what’s going on at home.

Over the past few weeks, he’s been touring the world promoting his solo single Strip That Down, which means the part-time boy-bander has had to find something to talk about that’s interesting and has shared many many stories about his son.

And we’ve lapped it up good and proper.

He’s opened up about how he and Cheryl have been sharing baby duties at home, how Chez has reverted back to Tweedy and how Bear has an irritating tendency to pee all over Cheryl.

Since becoming a dad, Liam has become a bit of a baby more (Credit: Instagram)

What must the ex-Girls Aloud star think about this?

Seeing as though she has never said anything about her baby we wonder what she thinks about Liam’s big mouth (Credit: Instagram)

Is she peeved that Liam is dropping so many stories about their private life?

Probably not, as no doubt she gave him the go ahead to tell certain stories before he hit the road on his promo tour.

Well, now Liam has been sharing even more private details.

He has revealed he and his “missus” are thinking about having more kids.

Liam says he and Cheryl have had talks about expanding their family. (Credit: Instagram)

Now, bearing in mind they didn’t say a word about babies when Chez had one growing in her stomach, this is giving away a lot.

Speaking to the Mirror he said: “We have spoken about this. We will see what happens.

“We are in a routine now and loving life.

“We sit round with Bear, watch old films like Ritchie Rich and Stand By Me, have a laugh.”

Liam, like so many other new dads, has also said that he feels like a totally changed man since the birth of Bear, but also let slip a nugget of 1D info that will send fans wild.

He’s kind of hinted that the band’s ongoing hiatus isn’t actually their way of saying “we’re never getting back together again”.

In fact, he’s hinted about a reunion.

“Everyone is doing their own thing,” he explained of the boys’ current separate musical ventures. “I think it is better for the fans than they realise.”

Liam says its a good thing that he and his 1D bandmates are getting to do their own thing (Credit: FameFlynet)

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“Everyone deserves to have their own little musical journey. We will pick up the pieces and see where it goes.”

So that’s good news for fans, although who knows what might happen if he does indeed become a dad again.

What would that mean to the the future of 1D?

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