Liam Payne opens up about how fatherhood changed his life

The star became a dad for the first time in March

Singer Liam Payne has opened up about how his life has changed drastically since the birth of his son Bear.

Liam and girlfriend Cheryl welcomed their baby boy back in March.

In a recent interview the star proudly opened up about how fatherhood has changed him.

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Speaking to The Kyle and Jackie O Show Liam said: “The moment that little boy or girl looks in your eyes your life is changed forever.

“When he was first born… I had never even changed a nappy. I never had any younger siblings or people to change nappies on.

“It’s not something I would partake as a hobby… I don’t know if I’m speaking on behalf of other dads but you work on your feet because you have to it’s your responsibility.”

This comes shortly after Liam revealed he isn’t planning on marrying former Girls Aloud singer Chezza any time soon.

Despite referring to Cheryl as his “wife” in a previous interview Liam admitted marriage “isn’t really on the cards” at the moment.

He said: “I see marriage as more of a religious thing and I’m not really a religious person, so I know it’s not really on the cards for me at the moment.

“So no, not yet. We have a baby together — you know our love for each other can’t be more serious so it is what it is I guess.”

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Meanwhile Liam, 23, revealed he didn’t meet Cheryl’s dad until she was pregnant during a chat on The Graham Norton Show.

He told the host: “My missus was pregnant and I was meeting her dad for the first time so I thought I had better get rid of the life sized model dinosaurs I had in my garden.

“I had bought them drunkenly off the internet!”

The former One Direction star also spoke about how his and Cheryl’s relationship got started and confirmed that Simon Cowell played cupid for the two.

He said: “I told him how hot I thought she was. Weeks and months went by and then Niall [Horan] said, ‘You’ll never guess who fancies you!’

“Apparently he had been with Cheryl when Simon told her that I fancied her – she had turned bright red and left the room!”

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