Protective Liam Payne hits back at Louis Walsh after Cheryl diss

The X Factor judge and former Girls Aloud star have long-standing beef

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Fight! Fight! Fight!

Liam Payne has launched an attack on doddery old X Factor judge, Louis Walsh.

The One Direction hunk – who with his newly buffed up bod is certainly not a chap to mess with – hit out at telly’s king of the soundbite after he took a nasty pop at his pregnant girlfriend Cheryl.

At a photocall on Thursday with his band 5 After Midnight, Louis told a reporter to “f**k off” after he was asked what he’d do if Cheryl was to asked to come back to the judging panel of the ITV talent show.

“Well Simon wouldn’t invite Cheryl back because we have Nicole,” the Irish music mogul replied.

“We have Nicole and Sharon, we don’t need another girl. So go and f**k off now! No silly questions, seriously.”

“It’s not about Cheryl. Don’t be stupid, man.”

When asked about the ex Girls Aloud singer’s pregnancy he  dared say that he wasn’t “really excited” because the pair of them hadn’t been in contact for some.

Of course these comments were a red rag to a bull. And no sooner had 1D’s feisty Liam heard about Louis’s snippy comments about his beloved, and he was straight on Twitter to take the wrinkly rascal to task.

“Congratulations Louis Walsh for setting the worst example on handling media for his band who are about to step into a very hard industry,” the Wolverhampton wonder sniped.

“Maybe it’s about time you realise it’s not all about you and shut the f**k up for once, let them speak.”

Of course, there’s not secret that there’s little love lost between Louis and Cheryl.

In spite of managing (of sort) Girls Aloud in the early days of their career, he has made it quite clear that it wasn’t a fond time for him and has made it his business to bitch about them at every opportunity he can get.

Back in 2015 Walsh told Heat magazine: “Cheryl wasn’t great last year. She’s sometimes lazy and she lacks energy. She needs to give more – she can give so much more. She’s irrelevant these days.

“I know people say the same about me, but apart from anything, I am fun and I have a rapport with Simon.

“Personally I’d rather have Mel B on the panel, I love her – but that’s not going to happen. I’d like to see Nicole [Scherzinger] back and I reckon Simon would, too, but I don’t suppose Cheryl would work with her.

“If I had my dream girl to pick for that panel, it would be Sharon Osbourne, because she’s fun. She knows her stuff and she’s not frightened to say it,” he added.

A few years ago, in an interview with the now defunct X Factor magazine, Louis defended himself about comments he had made about Cheryl by comparing his record sales to her’s.

“I’m 30 years in this business, I’ve sold 100 million records, I know what I’m talking about, I have an opinion, and I’m entitled to speak my mind, you know?

“I don’t care [if I upset her]. I’m not here to keep her happy. It’s not my job… I’m fed up listening to her. It’s not her show.”

Well, clearly there’s no love lost between these two. So Chez… over to you.

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