Liam Payne has revealed he is on dating app Tinder

He's definitely not looking for Netflix & Chill, though

Singer Liam Payne has revealed that he’s been found on dating app Tinder.

Well at least it’s somebody pretending to be the One Direction singer, seeing as the Strip That Down singer is dating former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy.

The 25-year-old was on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show, when the DJ revealed that Liam had been talking about somebody using his pictures for their Tinder profile.

Liam was appearing on the show promoting his number one single For You, with singer Rita Ora, when host Nick said:

“Liam you were saying that someone is pretending to be you on Tinder.”

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Liam replied: “Oh yeah. Well it’s quite nice to be Tinderable, not that I was browsing through Tinder and suddenly came across myself, and thought well that’s a handsome young chap.”

He carried on saying that it was his fans that found him on the app;

“I was on Twitter and someone sent me a thing and it said ‘Tinder profile’, and it was some random name and then my face but one from when I was much younger.”

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“But the best thing about it was the fans had added him on there and were sliding random 1D dad jokes in like ‘oh that’s what makes you beautiful’”

“I don’t think this guy was getting it, so I don’t think he actually knew who I was, he just thought there’s a guy I’ll use that one.”

Nick added in: “If you’re going to pretend to be anyone don’t be an international massive popstar.”

To which Liam jokingly answered; “Yeah I’m Rita on mine for most things”

Nick quipped: “It seems to be working for you – that’s how he actually met Cheryl.”

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