Liam Payne has a very special tribute planned for his new baby son

The One Direction has also revealed that another name was considered for Bear!

Okay, so baby Bear Grey it is.

Odd we know, but hey, that’s modern parents for you.

Some had thought that to start with Bear was just a nickname and that eventually the new parents would reveal that he was actually called something like Adrian.

But no.

So Liam and Cheryl called they baby Bear (Credit: Snapchat)

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However, loose-lipped Liam has revealed that, after he was born, there was another name in the running.

And it was distinctly more normal.

Now don’t get us wrong! We really like the name Bear – named supposedly after the TV adventurer NOT the reality doofus Stephen –  and we’re pretty partial to Grey, but we can’t help but think that a more traditional name might have done the wee lad some favours for the future.

Liam says he had another idea for Bear’s name (Credit: Instagram)

And as it turns out in the early stages of the name selection, a much more ordinary name was considered.

Speaking in a deep voiced drawl on US radio show Sirius XM, the 23 year old 1der admitted: “It was going to be James I was going to name him, because my middle name is James.”

Liam says James – his middle name – was considered (Credit: Instagram)

Liam also revealed that – as modern youngsters do these days – he plans to mark his son’s birth with a special body etching.

“I’ve never had a plan for a tattoo before. [It’s] gonna go on my chest next time.”

Not that this is his first piece of body art.

Liam plans to get a tattoo in honour of his son to go alongside Cheryl’s eye (Credit: Instagram)

He recently revealed that the eye on his forearm is Cheryl’s eye (above)! What a romantic, eh?

And it’s Cheryl who turns out to be the wacky one of the pair.

While he might have lost his broad Wolverhamption accent in favour of a sort of midAtlantic drawl, it’s Cheryl who likes weird monikers.

Liam says Cheryl is the one who likes quirk names (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m into more traditional names, the Mrs…  she’s more into more unique, original names that people will remember,” he told the Sun.

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“It was her choice. I wasn’t going to fight her about it, she’s the one who’s done all the work, isn’t she?”

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