Liam Payne finally addresses those rumours about secret marriage

He called Cheryl his wife last week

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Ever since Liam Payne referred to Cheryl as his “wife” in an interview last week, we’ve been imagining what the wedding was like.

Did she wear a gorgeous white dress? Did Liam’s One Direction bandmates turn out as his best men? (Admittedly, we would probably have heard about it if they had.) And what about the couple’s baby son, Bear – did he have a role to play?

Sadly, our romantic daydreams have been squashed like a grape, with Liam now DENYING that he’s married the former Girls Aloud star.

Well, that’s just boring, ain’t it!

Liam, 23, had made everyone’s ears prick up by calling Cheryl his “wife” during a chat with French website On The Move.

Speaking about his solo material, he said: “To be honest with you, I don’t know yet what it’s like to write while being a father. I have not passed through this experience.

“I have something that I’m preparing with Timbaland, and I was writing with Pharrell when his wife was pregnant – along with my wife, for that matter.”

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But, with the world and its dog scrutinising the celebrity couple’s fingers for signs of little gold bands, the Wolverhampton-born star has nipped any such gossiping in the bud, dismissing it as just a turn of phrase.

Chatting to People magazine, Liam explained: “In the UK, you say ‘the Mrs’. Maybe one day [we’ll get married].”

Well, at least that gives us plenty of time to get ready for the big day (er, we will be invited, right, Liam?).

You can’t really blame Liam and Chezza for not wanting to get hitched just yet. After all, they have a lot on their plate.

Earlier this week, Liam returned from a gruelling promotional tour of Europe and America.

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And Cheryl must’ve been super-busy, too, as she’s been absent from social media for months.

She finally broke her silence earlier this week to comment on a pic Liam had posted on Instagram of his swanky new haircut.

The former X Factor judge merely wrote “Love it” alongside an emoji heart.