Liam Payne enlists superstar to help him overshadow his bandmates

If you have the biggest stars in your contact book - who else would you call to help you write an amazing song

Talk about a glutton for punishment.

Not only is Liam Payne currently being a hands on dad to newborn baby son Bear, he’s also busy working on an album – when he’s not changing nappies or burping his wee one..

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And bless him, he’s taking his time about it.

After all, he will be the last of the 1D boys to unleash any music.

But as they say,  save the best ’til last!

Zayn, as we all know, was first of the block when he quit 1D with his critically acclaimed album, Mind Of Mine.

Then Louis Tomlinson released a record last year with Steve Aoki called Just Hold On.

Niall Horan released a track called This Town last year and another Slow Hands just last week.

And Harry Styles finally unleashed his solo effort, a Bowie-esque rock-a-thon called  Sign Of The Times.

So there is obviously a big pressure on Liam’s shoulders to come up trumps with a tune that will rock the world and be even more exciting than his ex-bandmates’ efforts.

But Liam’s a canny lad and has cleverly bagged himself  a secret weapon to do just that!

Yes, the Wolverhampton wonder has asked his old mate Ed Sheeran to help mastermind his debut single.

The pair, who have known each other for years, have been holed up for a while and have apparently come up with an amazing tune, which some have said will outshine anything the other 1Ds have released so far!

“The collaboration actually came about very quickly ­earlier this year,” a source told the Sun.

“Liam was in Los Angeles and was told that Ed was beginning to write a song with Liam in mind.

“Liam rushed back to the UK and the pair of them wrote the track together and then recorded it.

“With Ed’s expertise in creating a hit Liam knows they can’t go wrong. They have produced something special together.

“Having Ed on board is a clever move too, as it means he will reach music fans beyond just 1D obsessives.”

Liam has also been working with US hip-hop trio MIGOS on his solo material so we can expect more of an R&B feel to the record than his bandmates.

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Aaah, so that would explain that massive gold chain we saw him wearing last week on the set of his video.