Liam Payne admits he isn’t buying Cheryl a birthday present

Apparently there's nothing she needs

On Friday Cheryl will turn 34, so you’d think her partner and baby daddy, Liam Payne, would have something special lined up to give her.

But the 23-year-old singer has revealed that he isn’t buying his other half anything, as she already “has everything”.

Liam and Cheryl have everything they need thanks to their little bundle of joy (Credit: Instagram)

When being interviewed on US radio station Q102 in Phildelphia, Liam revealed: “We’re going to have a little get together thing for her… She needs more memories and stuff like that rather than presents.

“I’ve got to think of memories and things that will bring us all together.

“It’s all happened so quickly and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been a part of.

“Making my son, it’s incredible. It’s a really special time.”

It’s quite romantic really as she already has the best gift in the world, her little boy, Bear. But you know, if we were Chezza, we might like a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates as well.

Cheryl will turn 34 on Friday 30 June (Credit: WENN)

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Cheryl gave birth to Bear on 22 March this year and although Liam has been giving us A LOT of information about their boy, and spilling the beans on his life with Cheryl and their son, we’ve yet to see a picture of the little guy.

Although yesterday he did share the most ridiculously cute picture of him hanging out with Bear.

They are even wearing matching Yezee slipper-socks/bootees.

Bear is wearing a babygrow. With BEARS on it.

This is all too much for us to cope with.

Can you imagine if he and Cheryl actually reveal their tot’s face? We might just implode.

And maybe it could happen… even Cheryl is being more open of late.

She kept mum about her pregnancy throughout and only confirmed she’d become a mother once her baby arrived with a post on social media.

The happy couple (Credit: Fameflynet)

And Cheryl hasn’t posted a thing on her Instagram since.

Until Father’s Day when she posted a gushing message to Liam.

Daddy and Bear (Credit: Instagram)

(Although, given she is keeping everything else so private, why she is communicating to him publicly we can’t work out…)

Anyway, she posted a brooding black and white picture of her beloved with a very sweet message.

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“Happy 1st Father’s Day Liam… You are the most amazing daddy and the best example for our son.

“The way he looks at you says it all. Your relationship melts my heart.

“You are the centre of his world and we adore you.”

Told you it was sweet.

Sadly for the world, the pop couple are remaining true to their word and not allowing us to have a glimpse of him!

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