Disappointed Liam Gallagher launches attack on brother Noel

Noel didn't turn up to the One Love Manchester concert

Liam Gallagher has slammed his brother after not turning up to Manchester for the One Love tribute concert.

The Oasis singer took to Twitter on Monday after performing on Sunday night, and blasted his brother for disappointing all of their fans.

After thanking everybody for the “amazing night” he had, he wrote: “Oh and if anybody’s seen rkid tell him he can come out now as you were LG x”

Liam was let down by his brother Noel but still carried on (Credit: Wenn)

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Then adding: “Manchester id like to apologise for my brothers absence last night very disappointed stay beautiful stay safe LG x [sic]”

The 44-year-old wasn’t able to keep it quite so together for long, and hit out at Noel, 50, for not playing “tunes for the kids”, followed by a few expletives.

One fan that sarcastically said: “That’s the reunion out the window then haha”, to which Liam said it wasn’t about the reunion.

Adding: “…it’s about people helping other people and he’s once again shown his true [expletive] colours”.

Rumours were swirling before the concert, with one being that the brothers would reunite to sing Don’t Look back In Anger, but Noel was abroad.

Liam also spoke to Jon Snow last week and revealed that he would love a reunion.

“All of these people saying we should get back together. I’m ready to go man! It’s all down to him. I’m not putting the blame on him but he’s the one who doesn’t want it.

Liam said he should have been there to support “the kids” (Credit: BBC)

“I don’t hold grudges, you know what I mean?”

What’s more, Liam reached out to Noel on the 29th May wishing him happy birthday.

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The singer looked his typical grungy self on Sunday, wearing an orange coat and singing with his hands behind his back in his true style.

He sang a few of the band’s hits as well as his new single Wall of Glass.

Dedicating his version of Live Forever to the victims, he said that it was for all the “beautiful people” that lost their lives on May 22.

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