Lewis Hamilton wipes his Twitter account after ‘gender shaming’ debacle

The sportsman's thumbs must be sore from all of the social media admin he's been doing

Lewis Hamilton has angered fans for the second time this week, by wiping his entire Instagram feed – leaving zero posts on the account.

Last week the sportsman found himself in hot water over a throwaway comment he made on Instagram.

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In a Christmas post – which he later deleted – the 32-year-old seemingly shamed his three-year-old nephew for wearing a dress.

In a video clip he described himself as being ‘sad’ before turning to the little boy, who was wearing a princess dress, and saying: “Is this what you got for Christmas? Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?”

He continued, saying to the boy: “Boys don’t wear princess dresses!”

The comments caused outrage with fans accusing Lewis of ‘gender shaming’ and he was forced to issue a prompt formal apology in which he said, he “meant no harm and did not mean to offend anyone at all.”

But his apology was also met with criticism after he was then seen to ‘like’ multiple tweets that criticised the “PC Brigade”.

And now, perhaps sick of the on-going scrutiny and hoping for a clean slate in the new year, Lewis has completely wiped clean his Instagram feed – along with the Twitter apology.

“All of the Instagram content was deleted and most of the tweets since October have been deleted,” an eagle-eyed follower noted on Twitter.

But while many on Twitter are still angry at Hamilton for his comments, he’s getting some celebrity support.

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Boy George was seen to wade in on December 27th and urge people to give him a break, saying that making mistakes was the way people learn.

And – thankfully – there’s been a bit of light relief during the whole debacle in the way of internet memes.

People have been tweeting pictures of Lewis alongside Princess Diana and Katy Perry in similar outfits, questioning the sportsman’s own sense of style.