What IS that between his legs?! Simon Cowell suffers almighty wardrobe malfunction

Something seemingly popped out to say hello...

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Eagle-eyed X Factor viewers got a shock when they saw more than they bargained for about Simon Cowell’s person last night.

There he was, sitting casually on his sofa alongside Mel B and Emma Bunton selecting his acts during Judges’ Houses.

So far, so normal… but there was something not quite right: a flesh-coloured, phallic object protruding from his crotch…

Surely it wasn’t…? Surely Simon would’ve noticed his jeans tear…?

And, much as we imagine he is the type to go commando, well, we’ve all seen how hairy his chest is…

Pal David Walliams summed up what we were all speculating on Twitter… suggesting Little Simon was paying us all a visit.

Course, once we all composed ourselves, we realised what was actually wiggling about was Simon’s BIG TOE.

Thank Goodness for that. If Mel B had caught sight of anything else, that would’ve been Scary.

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