Legendary Neighbours character to make shock return

And it's going to cause all sorts of bother...

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Nothing gets soap fans more excited than the return of a popular character – and Neighbours viewers are in for a treat this week as one of the show’s most well-known faces makes a comeback.

Yes, roll out the red carpet, as Lyn Scully (Janet Andrewartha) is back in town.

And no one is going to be more surprised by her re-appearance than Lyn’s daughter Steph (Carla Bonner).

Lyn will be reunited with her daughter Steph this week (Credit: FremantleMedia/Channel 5)

The big revelation will come after Amy (Zoe Cramond) is questioned by police over the death of Hamish Roche.

The villain was found dead in the Cannings’ hot tub last week, and as yet no one – not even us viewers – knows who killed him.

Amy is under suspicion because her fingerprints were found on the dead man’s wallet, so she has to provide an alibi.

Although she’d told Steph that she was with her own mum on that fateful day, she’s forced to reveal the truth – that she was actually with Lyn, who’s secretly been investing in the Wellness Centre. Dur dur dur!

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Needless to say, Steph isn’t best pleased with Amy for keeping schtum about her mum’s return, and it prompts her to make a dramatic decision (but we’re not telling you what it is!).

And Steph’s patience is tested yet further when Lyn starts meddling in Ramsay Street affairs.

FremantleMedia/Channel 5
Steph is surprised to find that her mum has been investing in the Wellness Centre (Credit: FremantleMedia/Channel 5)

After bumping into Jack (Andrew James Morley), she takes him to lunch, where he opens his heart on everything from his fatherhood to accusations that he’s been preaching to students while counselling them.

Feeling sorry for him, Lyn thinks she’s doing him a favour when she defends his actions to a school mum. But her kindness backfires when Jack is hauled into Susan’s office…

Fremantle/Channel 5
Steph discovered Hamish’s dead body in the hot tub last week (Credit: FremantleMedia/Channel 5)

Lyn Scully first appeared in Ramsay Street in 1999, remaining on the show until 2006. Since then, she’s made several brief comebacks.

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When she last landed in Erinsborough, in early 2016, Steph was pleased to see her mum, as she came to visit her in the psychiatric hospital and vowed to help her reconnect with her son Charlie.

But that was then and this is now, and somehow we can’t see this visit ending well…