Legendary comic character making a big return to BBC

The funnyman reveals the ridiculous telly host is coming back

If you’re getting a bit bored of seeing Keith Lemon on every TV show – you’re in luck.

Another classic comedy creation is heading back to our screens very soon.

Yes, Alan Partridge is back from the wilderness that is local radio.

Creator Steve Coogan has revealed that he is bringing back the character to a TV screen near you – i.e. your front room.

Alan has been in the wilderness for years and now he’s set to return (Credit: BBC)

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The last time we saw the fella on the BBC was when he was sacked and they refused to give him another series.

Now it looks like the Beeb have had a change of heart and are planning to give Partridge the chance to return to screens.

“Alan will be back on the BBC early next year,’ Steve revealed on The One Show. “There’ll be a lot of Alan on telly next year, if you can wait that long.”

Steve Coogan revealed that Alan is coming back to the BBC next year! (Credit: BBC)

As exciting as that is to hear about the upcoming return, Steve was, frustratingly, keeping tight lipped about what we can expect from the new show.

Although he refused to offer up any details he did hint that he could be returning to telly as the host of a magazine type show just like The One Show.

Since he appeared on I’m Alan Partridge – which documented the presenter’s breakdown following his sacking – Alan has supposedly been knocking around local radio stations and shot a documentary for Sky, called Alan Partridge Scissored Isle.

He also hit the big screen in the film Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, which saw him caught up in a terrifying hostage situation at the offices of Radio Norwich.

Steve joked that President Trump is like an uber version of Alan (Credit: BBC)

Recently, Steve joked that President Trump was ‘an uber version’ of Alan.

“In some ways the only person on Earth who’s more Alan Partridge than Alan Partridge is Donald Trump. Even Alan Partridge would think Donald Trump is a bit much,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

Steve at first believed that Alan was just like Nigel Farage (Credit: BBC)

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“I thought Nigel Farage was the incarnation of Alan Partridge, a nightmare version of Alan Partridge who actually wields some power, but I would have never predicted the leader of the free world would be an uber-Partridge,” he said.