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Legendary EastEnders character to DIE at Christmas?

There will be no Christmas joy for this one

Legendary EastEnders villain James Willmott-Brown is finally going to suffer for all he has done – and could even die.

The businessman – played by actor William Boyde in the BBC soap – has been quietly terrorising Walford for months as part of his sick revenge scheme against the community, but now it seems he will face comeuppance.

EastEnders' Willmott-Brown to DIE on Christmas day?
EastEnders’ Willmott-Brown to DIE on Christmas day? (Credit: BBC)

He will suffer a shock collapse this Christmas as daughter Fi takes her revenge on him.

Viewers have seen Fi – played by actress Lisa Faulkner – struggle with the realisation that Kathy Beale was telling the truth about the rape, and once she discovers the full extent of her father’s sickness, she will take action.

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Breaking into Willmott-Brown’s office, Fi searches for any incriminating evidence she can find to put an end to her dad’s dodgy dealings.

Later when Willmott-Brown returns home, he’s terrified to see that someone has been into his safe.

Fi will take revenge against her father in EastEnders
Fi will take revenge against her father in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)
Is the moment Kathy finally gets through to Fi? (Credit: BBC)

But he’s further horrified when he sees a very incriminating document has been left exposed on his desk for all to see.

Realising that someone close to him has turned on him, he tries to hide the evidence but when he hears police sirens it all goes a bit badly for him.

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Unable to cope with the pressure of hiding his criminal activities and facing losing everything he’s schemed for, Willmott-Brown suddenly collapses to the floor.

And with the police just seconds away and all the evidence of his crimes left out for the taking, is this finally the end for Willmott-Brown’s crimes?

Or is it actually the end of Willmott-Brown full stop?