EastEnders legend June Brown signs up for VERY unusual TV experiment

Er, better her than us!

EastEnders star June Brown is reportedly swapping the streets of Walford for a health retreat in Sardinia after signing up for a new anti-ageing programme.

According to The Sun, the soap legend – best known as Albert Square’s Dot Cotton – is one of eight celebs who will lend their star power to ITV show 100 Years Younger in 21 Days.

So far, so good. Nothing unusual yet, right?

Well, it’s what the celebrities will be doing at the health retreat which has raised eyebrows.

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The newspaper claims June, 90, will try out some VERY bizarre treatments in a bid to shave a few years off her age – including washing in urine and undergoing a snail facial.


A source said: “It is one of ITV’s most bonkers shows yet. Some of the techniques are absolutely out of this world, but luckily the celebrities have agreed to get stuck in.

“Viewers will see June as never before.”

We can’t wait!

Meanwhile, viewers are missing June from their screens after her character Dot bade a temporary farewell to Walford back in October.

She’s been an EastEnders stalwart since 1985.

Heartbroken fans watched in shock as a weary-sounding Dot told Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney) that she was fed up with all the drama around her.

Well, who blames her, right?

Handing Robbie her beloved cat Dave, she told him: “I’m wore out Robbie. What with all that’s gone on in the Square…”

Dot continued: “Ian losing his son and his business, and Lauren heartbroken, and then me here with my fractured femur, Son with that man, and Rebecca and all those troubles.

“I just want to get away!”

She told a stunned Robbie she was off to Wales to stay with granddaughter Dotty’s family and recover from her injury away from the drama-laden Albert Square.

“I shall be able to walk on the firm sands and do my physio, get better and breathe some lovely clean sea air,” she said.

As Robbie pleaded with her to give him a time frame, she simply said: “I’m sure you and Dave will take care of each other.”

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Thankfully, it seems like Dot isn’t gone for good and will be reunited with Dave very soon.

A source assured RadioTimes: “Dot returns very soon. June Brown is back in no time at all.”

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