Lee Ryan fans slam him for being irresponsible in latest social media post

The actor has ruffled a few feathers after his recent photo

EastEnders star Lee Ryan has been blasted for promoting smoking.

The 34-year-old hunk shocked a few fans on Instagram after posting a James Dean-esque black and white photo of himself smoking.

He captioned the pic: “Don’t smoke it’s bad for you!!!! ‍♂️”

Fans didn’t like the photo of him smoking (Credit: Instagram/@officialleeryan)

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Some of his 66,000 fans rushed to comment, and told him that it was bad for him.

“No no no ”

“But why do you doing it? ” said one confused follower.

Another warned: “SMOKING KILLS ☠”

However, Lee couldn’t let it lie and had to respond to the negativity.

He wrote: “I’m not promoting smoking!!”.

And shortly after, he added: “Please let me say that I do not promote smoking at all… it’s [expletive] and I do not smoke at all… smoking is nasty and bad… this is just a fun pic for insta.. just have to clear that up because I do not support smoking to anyone.. lee x”.

Oops! Maybe he should have thought that through before posting the photo.

It seems that Lee isn’t having much luck at the moment.

EastEnders has welcomed old boss John Yorke back, and he might be making a few changes to the cast.

The Daily Star claims that Yorke is operating “last in, first out” attitude to characters so newbies should be checking their diaries…

This could spell bad news for Lee.

Is Lee on the way out from EastEnders? (Credit: BBC)

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He came in briefly this spring to play Woody – and proved a big hit. The former Blue star was due to come back later this summer, but this could be up in the air now…

While O’Connor was at the helm, he also brought in the Taylors, Ted and Joyce Murray, Fi (played by Lisa Faulkner) and Josh.

Let’s not get too panicked yet, though.

A rep for the BBC is denying any cast futures have been called yet, saying: “It is far too early for any decisions to have been made.”

Fingers crossed for you, Lee!

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