Leaked documents reveal Cheryl’s shock post pregnancy plan!

PR plan is a work of genius! So clever!

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Hands up those of you who are getting bored to tears of reading about Cheryl and her soon-to-be-born baby!

Yes, we know she’s pregnant and yes, we know she’s about to give birth, but what is there to say now until the nipper is actually born?

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Nothing. But that hasn’t stopped some very bored people with very little to do from getting over excited over the smallest details.

This week, fans were whipped into a veritable frenzy when private documents were leaked which revealed the pop star’s birthing plan and how she’ll announce her news.

Some social media fan sites posted snippets of the documents which revealed that Cheryl is yet to give birth, and that the couple – hold the front page – intend on releasing a joint statement after the arrival of their child.

The documents, which are supposedly from Cheryl and Liam’s legal team read, “Within a reasonable period of time after having left hospital, our clients intend to make an official announcement to the media.”

For some reason, devotees of the duo have gone doolally over the far-from-spectacular leak.

“OMG, I’m so excited I could pop!!!” one over excited fan gushed.

Another said: “Oh my god!!! I can’t wait, I’m so happy for them.”

Er…  have these people not seen the pictures of Cheryl’s baby bump?

Is the leaked document really offering anyone any new insights?

And is anyone stunned that a PR team had to draw up some kind of document that explains that the couple will announce their good news when they are ready?

Wow! That must have taken ages to dream up.

One fan site announced it had deleted the excerpts from the document (no doubt forced to by Cheryl’s team), other fans were in agreement that the couple  be allowed to enjoy some private time.

One kindhearted soul wrote: “Cheryl and Liam will say about the baby when they’re ready to and if they don’t it is up to them. It’s their private life.”

While another said they wouldn’t want to live their lives: “They want privacy, respect that… I’d hate to be famous.”

Cheryl, 33, and 23-year-old Liam have played the media for months as her baby belly got bigger and bigger but never confirmed anything which led to loads of speculation.

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While some have said this was because Cheryl wanted to keep it private, others said Cheryl has loved the fact it has created so much hoo-ha and brought about so much attention.

Some argued that if she really wanted to lead a private life, all she had to do was announce the pregnancy and then it would be done and dusted.

Instead, the lack of information merely fuelled the media and fans’ interest, banging on about ‘is she or isn’t she?’ Hmmmm.

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