Lauren and Joey haven't officially broken, but Lauren is questioning her relationship and having doubts. “It's not easy being with someone who is in prison, especially with all the scrutiny and speculation. “She loves Joey deeply but she needs time to work out if this relationship has legs and whether it will all be worth it in the end.”

Lauren Goodger uses baseball cap to hide waxing disaster

Leave it to the experts next time?

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Selfie-obsessed former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger stepped out trying to cover up the results of a major DIY beauty fail with a baseball cap.

The reality TV star accidentally waxed off half of one of her trademark thick, dark brows, and took to social media to share the results of the shock accident with her fans, saying she was “fuming”.

She was left trying to cover up by pulling a grey cap right down to her brow-line, just about keeping the offending brow hidden from view.

Lauren’s brow-hiding disguise (Credit: Instagram)

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Lauren, 31,  is no stranger to the beauty business, and regularly shares pictures of herself having her eyebrows shaped and waxed.

But after taking matters into her own hands and confessing to waxing the bottom half off one eyebrow on Snapchat on New Year’s Eve, she was left wishing she’d left it to the experts.

“Look how thick this one is and now look how thin this one is,” she moaned.

She’d accidentally lopped half her brow off earlier in the week (Credit: Instagram)

She asked fans if they had any brow-growing tips.

A missing half-an-eyebrow is nothing compared to the troubles Lauren has encountered in the past year.

Instagram @laurenrosegoodger
The reality star prides herself on her appearance (Credit: Instagram)

She and convict boyfriend Joey Morrison split in July after she spent 15 months visiting him in prison, where he’s been for 2008 for a string of violent drugs-related charges.

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Lauren has made no secret of her desire to get married and have a big family, and last week posted a picture of herself in a wedding dress, leaving fans wondering if she’d reconciled with bad-boy Joey.

She insists not, but spent time with his family on Boxing Day, according to sources.

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