Lauren Goodger finally comes clean about baby rumours!

The TOWIE star has had enough of the speculation

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Finally, the is-she-or-isn’t-she question that’s been on everyone’s minds all week can be answered once and for all.

Lauren Goodger is absolutely NOT pregnant.

So relax, folks.

In case you’re not aware of the TOWIE star’s situation, here’s a recap of the past few days.

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On Monday, New magazine reported that not only was Lauren looking heavier round the middle (ooh, what shade!), someone had also overheard her tell a mate that she was pregnant by her jailbird boyfriend Joey, after a sex session on his day release.

Lauren was also quoted by Closer magazine that she was hoping to have 10 kids with Joey!

Then later in the week, she was spotted walking to her car with a blanket over head.

She tweeted at the time she was wearing the bedding to hide her baby bump, but swiftly deleted the message, but not before it had whipped fans into tizz.

Now Lauren has come clean and Tweeted what is really going on in her life.

“It was a joke! Cos the stories and tweets I AM NOT pregnant! It’s a sheet cos of the paps following me trying to make me look bad s I hid (sic).”

She added: “There’s more going on in the world to worry about and it’s no biggie… I just didn’t want any pics… anyway have a good day.”

To draw a line under the constant speculation, her rep added: “Lauren is categorically, 100% not pregnant! Her tweet was just a joke following on from the ridiculous reports this week that she might be.”

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“Her boyfriend is still very much in prison, and you can’t get conjugal visits in the UK so any suggestion that she is from so called sources is, quite frankly, laughable!”

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