Lauren Goodger caught out Photoshopping her selfies again!

Eagle-eyed fans noticed something strange about the pic...

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Lauren Goodger has been slammed by fans for editing her pictures in the past, but this has not phased the reality babe as she’s been caught doing it again!

In her latest selfie, she showed off some tight-fitting workout wear, but it wasn’t her outfit that had fans commenting.

Instead, it was the very obvious warping of the image.

The wall on the right hand side of the Essex babe shows a curve, which suggests the area has been photoshopped to make Lauren look thinner.


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Lauren’s followers rushed to point out the major Photoshop fail.

One wrote: “F*** me – the house has started collapsing in between taking the two photos, look at that wall in the second one!”

While another defended Lauren, writing: “Who doesn’t edit on Instagram? Get a life.”

The comments must have touched a nerve, because Lauren commented on the photo herself.

She wrote: “Oh no the picture editing thing again but I left the left one original and edited the right one hmmm silly me I didn’t think to do both even though in the same picture. It’s called shadowing!”

Calm down, Lozza!

This isn’t the first time Lauren has been involved in a photoshopping scandal, although this time she revealed the unedited version.

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She was NOT happy when paparazzi – allegedly – edited her photos apparently to make it look as though she had gained weight.

The former TOWIE star posted her own picture in September 2016 next to the pap shot, and you can definitely tell some Photoshop has taken place.

Lauren wrote on social media: “My mate just took a photo of me walking up the street and can’t believe how different I look in pap pics even down to colour of make up!! No edit no filters raw image!

“Few hours between photos! Sorry just had 2 be said!! Can you spot the difference? I’m not as big in real life to pap photos!!!!!”.

Here are some of the funniest celebrity Photoshop fails ever…

Amy Childs

We do love Amy Childs. The former TOWIE star has such a refreshingly real personality. Sadly the same can’t be said of her appearance – ‘fake it to make it’ could be her motto. And the same could be said of her attitude towards pictures of herself. Just look at the epic Photoshop cock-up on this latest snap; unless her front door is seriously warped…

Mariah Carey

Here is Mariah Carey in 2009 looking sensational on the cover of her album, Me. I am Mariah. Now here is Mariah snapped at an event several days after the release, with her figure looking significantly fuller.

Kate Middleton

The UK’s Grazia magazine came under serious fire when this Royal Wedding issue hit the stands in 2011.

It was quickly noticed that Kate’s waist looked as though it had been considerably slimmed down on the cover – like it ever needed it! The mag was forced to release a statement explaining their actions but they claimed the pic was altered to remove Prince William so that the cover showed Kate alone.

To achieve this, they had to digitally mirror Kate’s arm and, in doing so, slimmed down her waist. Hmmm, anyone buying that?

Prince William

And here is Prince William surviving a cover! In fact, he is the sole cover star of this February 2010 issue of Hello! magazine. However, fans were shocked to see that his usually blonde and sparse locks were brown, and that he had a lot more hair on his head, too.

Like we weren’t going to notice that!

Prince George

Staying with the Royal Family, Prince George was also edited on magazine cover US Weekly in 2014. Yes, the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton who was born in 2013, and was involved in his first Photoshop scandal at only 10 months old.

The image selected for the mag appeared to show Prince George with lighter cheeks, hair, eyes, AND eyebrows in comparison with the original image (right). The tabloid denied making any intentional changes to George’s face, though, of course.


Two Russian magazines decided to use the same image of Beyonce on their covers in 2007. The major problem with this is that they both gave Beyonce a different colour complexion. Bizarre!

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian posed for this original photo (right) seven days after giving birth to her son Mason, in 2009.

A short while later, this second image (left) appeared on the cover of OK! magazine, which changed the colour of Kourtney and Mason’s clothing to give the impression of a new photo shoot. They also slimmed Kourtney’s stomach down, making her look as though she’d lost all of her baby weight.

Kourtney, who was annoyed by the situation, responded by saying: “They doctored and Photoshopped my body to make it look like I have already lost all the weight, which I have not.”

Good for her!

Amanda Holden

UK starlet Amanda Holden was criticised by fans after sharing this sun-soaked bikini snap in June 2015. The Britain’s Got Talent star was accused by her Instagram followers of getting a little extra help from Photoshop in her latest snap, and we can see where they’re coming from.

Either a tsunami is building in the background or the horizon has been edited to look wonky. We’re gonna go with the latter. The 45-year-old TV talent judge quickly deleted the snap, without any explanation.

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