Lauren Goodger believes Cheryl’s pregnancy is FAKE!

She thinks something's not quite right

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Lauren Goodger isn’t worth listening to at the best of times, but for some reason, comments made by her this week about the legend and national sweetheart that is Cheryl took us totally by surprise.

Why? Because the gobby Essex girl has dared – yes dared! – to suggest that Cheryl has FAKED her pregnancy.

Interesting! Go on, Lauren, tell us more….

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“It’s so strange that Cheryl has been so secretive about her pregnancy,” the TOWIE star told Closer magazine.

“I’ve questioned whether it’s even real. I’m not sure why she’s hiding away.”

Er…. we think it’s something called privacy, Lauren. You probably don’t know what that is, what with all those selfies you take!

But Lauren doesn’t share this belief in keeping somethings to herself.

She says that if she were ever to fall pregnant, she’d have no qualms about sharing with the world her happy nappy news the minute she’d found out.

Anything for a bit of attention, eh?

“I’ll definitely pose naked when I’m pregnant” she said! “I’ll be so proud and they’re pictures I’ll want to keep for the rest of my life.”

Bearing in mind her crim boyfriend Joey Morrison is currently banged up in prison for the foreseeable future, it looks unlikely that we will see her boasting about a pregnancy for a while.

However she says she is hoping to remedy that situation soon when he gets day release from jail.

What a romantic story, eh?

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But wary that we may turn on her for being mean to Queen Cheryl, Lauren was fast to explain what she actually meant by her fake comments.

“I’m a fan of Cheryl and Liam and very happy for them both,” she Tweeted. “They make a beautiful couple. I haven’t read it but wasn’t meant in bad way.”

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