Lauren G tweets about hiding her “baby bump”!

It looks almost - just almost - like she's enjoying the attention!

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You’d think being the shy, shrinking violet that she is, Lauren Goodger must hate all the attention she’s getting at the moment.

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After all, she has kept a pretty low profile, going about her business of late, hasn’t she?


Over the past two weeks she has made headlines by one minute doubting that Cheryl was ever actually pregnant and left celeb journos giddy by teasing them that she might be pregnant.

And guess what? She’s done it again, as the TOWIE star finally appears to have confirmed that she actually is with child.

Or has she?

For two days this week the reality star, who is dating jailbird Joey Morrison (who she has barely spent anytime due to his incarceration), was spotted hiding herself under a blanket.

Why she was doing this is remains a mystery.

Perhaps she was trying to scare neighbours by pretending to be a scary ghoulie.

Or perhaps she just didn’t want to cause any attention whatsoever by hiding herself away! (er, that worked)

Or maybe – and more than likely – she was developing a new look for a magazine spread and wanted to keep the results of her make over under wraps until she appeared on the pages of the magazine who were willing to fork out lots of money to reveal her new look.

But what Lauren actually tweeted – with her own nimble fingers – was ‘I can’t hide her baby bump no more’.

So there we have it. She IS preggers afterall!

Or is she?

As no sooner had the message been fired into the Twittersphere and Lauren had swiftly deleted it.

Gosh, make up your mind, love!

However, in an Instagram post she said she as merely trying to avoid the paps.

“Being followed all day by 3 paps alllldayyyyyy when I want scream F**K Off but say hello!, but Sorry no pics today ! It’s made my day well worth it because I am crying 😭😭😭 hilarious !! The women’s face she don’t know what’s going on!! Say no more

So what’s going on? Had she made a mistake by tweeting such a revealing comment?

Or was ‘baby bump’ an affectionate way of her referring to her big soft belly caused by noshing away at too much tucker.

Or was it just another attempt to keep herself relevant?

Well, we’ll let you decide on that.

This week seems to be one where all this baby speculation has been fed by Lauren.

Not only has she told magazines she’s desperate to have boyfriend’s baby (hell, she wants ten of them, which should keep her busy for a while).

But it was also reported that the curvy girl next door had been overheard telling a pal that she was pregnant, a story that was swiftly denied by her rep.

However, the same agent confused matters by saying that she may have actually said the words but was probably joking.

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Who knows what’s going on, but we reckon she’s might be trying to court a wee bit of publicity.

Or she really is a mum-to-be!

We’ll just have to wait and see….