Lauren G has reportedly ‘told pal she’s pregnant’ with prison boyf

She apparently got busy with her boyfriend on his day release

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Blimey! That Lauren Goodger is a fast worker.

According to reports the TOWIE star has told pals she is pregnant by her jailbird boyfriend.

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If you’re wondering how THAT happened – bearing in mind he’s been banged up for eight years – apparently she and Joey Morrison were able to, er, do the dirty deed when he was on a recent day release.

What a romantic story, eh?

New! magazine say they have spoken to someone who overheard Lauren talking to a mate about being pregnant on her way to visit her man at HMP Highpoint South.

A source told the magazine: “As she was approaching the prison entrance, I heard her telling a pal she’s pregnant.”

But don’t get too excited.

A rep for Lauren says the story is untrue.

However, they are not denying she may have uttered the words and suggest the “comments might have been made in jest”.

If that is the case then we reckon Lauren will be totally insulted that New!, the mag she used to dictate a column for, dared to suggest she looked “curvier than usual”. Super ouch!

Although Lauren has maintained that she has been celibate since meeting Joey, it’s been alleged that the frisky pair “have had sex on numerous occasions while Joey’s been on day release”.

Lauren has been very open about the fact she wants to start a family with her fella, who has been doing time since 2009 for possession of a firearm, kidnap and blackmail.

In a recent interview she said that having sex with the rugged rascal was going to be “worth the wait”.

“Joey’s going to be knackered when we’re finally alone because we’ll be very busy,” Lauren told Closer, without an ounce of embarrassment.

“There’s lots to do. I’ve been properly celibate for a year but he’s worth the wait.”

As their weird relationship has developed over the phone and on visiting days at HMP Highpoint South, the couple must have been fit to burst when they finally did the deed – if, of course, they actually did do it.

Lauren previously explained that when she and Joey eventually sealed the deal, she’d be wracked with nerves as it would have been so long since she’d been with a guy.

“I’m nervous that I’ve forgotten what to do in the bedroom,” she said bashfully.

“But one thing’s for sure – my underwear is going to be unreal.

“There’s been so much chemistry and build up – it’s going to be amazing.”

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As and when Lauren is preggers, it looks set to be the first of many kiddies as Lauren has planned to become a baby machine.

“I want ten kids,” she said. “It’s going to be like the Essex Sound Of Music.”

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