Lauren G asks psychic about what the future holds for her love life

While you're at it, Lauren, can you ask her for next week's Lotto numbers!

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Another week, another ridiculous Lauren Goodger story for you all to savour

After pretending to be pregnant and wearing a blanket on her head in the street for no reason, the TOWIE favourite has this week topped the lot.

She has turned to a psychic to give her a steer on what her future with jailbird boyfriend Joey Morrisson might be like.

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Just to give those of you unaware of this very modern love story a speedy recap – Lauren and Joey have never actually dated in the outside world.

Why? Because he has been banged up since 2009 for violent crimes.

The loved up love birds actually “met” on the phone, when she happened to answer a call at a mate’s house.

After chatting to him for a bit – whattaya know? – she fell in love with him!

“It’s mad, I know,” she admitted a while back. “I know how it sounds, not like real life. Me being in love with somebody that’s in prison…”

To make the relationship work, the couple have had to make do with their brief prison visits at HMP Highpoint South.

But against all the odds it’s working, as the couple have just marked their first anniversary together.

Not bad going in this day and age!

And in spite of the fact that she doesn’t know what Joey will be like to live with (she should have a chinwag with his cellmate), she has previously said that she is keen to have ten kids with him.

(Hang on, is it the sound Joey locking HIMSELF into solitary we can suddenly hear???)

Of course not, the crim loves her and he too can’t wait to get out and spend a life sentence with her.

But with a year left to go before his release, an impatient Loz is desperate to know what the future might hold for the pair.

And so it’s been reported that she’s planning to employ the services of a psychic to assure her everything will be okay!

“Lauren has arranged to see her psychic to predict exactly what’s going to happen with Joey,” someone told someone who told Closer.

“She feels there’s a lot of pressure on them – they’re trying to sustain a relationship while he’s in jail and Lauren feels there are so many haters trying to bring them down before they’ve even had a chance to get started.”

But Lauren doesn’t really care what the haters say. She loves Joey regardless of what anyone thinks.

And to prove it, the TOWIE gob recently posted a meme on Instagram that read: “Couples that make it through an incarceration are not your average couple.

“Only those with the strongest love, commitment, and loyalty make it to that homecoming.

“This is not an ordinary love. It’s exceptional.”

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Awww sweet stuff, right?

She also said: “Happy First year anniversary to us #sunday #beautiful #oneyear #friends #strong #love #always.”

Bizarrely, Lauren Goodger swiftly deleted the post. Why? Oh, we have no flaming idea.

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