Lauren Bushnell ‘blindsided’ as The Bachelor calls off wedding

Well so were we!

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So that totally came out of nowhere…

In what was probably the most dramatic counseling session ever, The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins stuns Lauren Bushnell by emotionally pulling the plus on their wedding plans.

In an upcoming episode of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? Ben shocks everybody by dropping that bombshell.

The relationship series’ two-hour installment started off with the Bachelor season 20 lovebirds joined pals Emily and Haley Ferguson, along with fellow engaged pair Lace Morris and Grant Kemp in group therapy.

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During the groundbreaking session, Ben reveals to Lauren that while he still wants to marry her eventually, he wants them to stop prepping for the wedding and put it on hold until later on in their relationship.

Lauren asked, “So you’re saying the wedding is off?”

The former Bachelor replied, “Yeah, I am. The wedding’s off.… I think this thing sped up real fast, and we haven’t had a second to breathe.”

Oh my!

His fiancée appeared genuinely shocked at the turn of events. Well, d’uh, she’s probably planned the whole darn wedding.

After Ben told her that they “just haven’t done anything,” Lauren fired back, “When you say that we just haven’t done anything, it hurts because I’ve moved to Denver and had to switch jobs, and I left my life in L.A. to come and do the life with you.”

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She added to the camera, “I have no idea what just happened. I feel completely blindsided.”

So do we Lauren, so do we…

In the episode you also see them attending the iHeartRadio Musical Festival but things get a little awkward.

Lauren told Ben she didn’t appreciate that they had to make it seem on the red carpet that they were closer to tying the knot than they actually are.

“I feel like Ben and I are miles apart, but we still have to pretend like we’re on the same page,” she told the camera.

Well, you certainly played up to the cameras, because you look VERY loved up to us…

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