Larry Lamb’s ‘secret lover’ revealed!

The actor kept this very secret in the jungle...

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It looks like there’s new romance in the air for Larry Lamb.

The Gavin and Stacey actor has gone through a lot of changes over the past few months.

The I’m A Celebrity ‘father-figure’ was everybody’s friend in the jungle, but little did everyone know, he had split up from his partner of 20 years and was probably suffering from a lot of heartache.

Larry and ex-partner Clare Burt have two daughters together, Eloise Alexandra, 17, and Eva-Mathilde Lamb, 13.

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Larry’s campmate and rival Martin Roberts told the ITV show This Morning that he met Larry and his “lovely new lady” Marie Victorina after leaving the jungle last week.

The Homes Under The Hammer star said: “It was our final morning in Australia… having breakfast with Kirsty [Martin’s wife] and the kids, and who should walk up but Larry and his lovely new lady Marie.”

Show bosses apparently referred to her as a “friend”.

After Larry got the boot, the cameras filmed her in the car being driven to meet him, and she said: “I was very proud of Larry. He has been busy looking after everybody, which I must say he does always. I will give him a big hug. He deserves it – more than one!”

Marie is an artist who was born in France, lives in London and exhibits in galleries in London, Tokyo and New York under the name Marie Hugo.

What’s really impressive though, is the fact that she is the great granddaughter of author Victor Hugo, who wrote Les Miserables!

Larry, who is fluent in French (ooh-la-la), was first pictured with her back in October.

The EastEnders star has been married three times and first tied the knot at the tender age of 21, to Anita Wiseby.

They had a daughter, Vanessa, who he has only met once, when she was just seven months old. What’s more, she has a child now so he has a grandchild he’s never met…

His second marriage was to an American nurse Jacquie Parris, who he met while working as a car salesman in Germany.

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Then in 1979, he wed Irish singer Linda Martin and had son, the well-known TV presenter George Lamb.

They then divorced in 1996 and Larry began dating Clare.

It is unknown as to what happened between him and Clare but Larry is looking VERY happy with his new lady.