Larry Lamb has ‘secret’ 46-year-old daughter he’s met just once

The jungle hero has had a tough past...

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I’m A Celebrity star Larry Lamb has been emotionally scarred by a huge family secret.

The former EastEnders actor has a daughter he hasn’t seen in 46 years.

Larry had a little girl named Vanessa with his first wife Anita, but has only seen her once.

The couple met when he was just 21 while he was working abroad in Germany and ended up marrying in London after a whirlwind romance.

Larry, now 69, said that she fell pregnant and marrying her was “the right thing to do”.

The marriage wasn’t strong enough and ended up crumbling, and Anita moved back to Germany without him.

Larry hasn’t seen Vanessa in 46 years and has only met her once, when she was just seven months old.

A source told The Mirror: “Larry only ever saw his daughter once and has never taken responsibility for her. It is very sad.”

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Larry revealed that he lost touch with his daughter after Anita started seeing somebody else.

He explained: “Of all the things in the world I didn’t want, I certainly didn’t want to be married. But it seemed the right thing to do…

“Anita remarried when Vanessa was three. So I wasn’t included because she had a stepdad. I don’t even know if she knows I’m her father…

“It’s not for me to go delving into her life. But the thought that she might have already made me a grandfather has often crossed my mind…

“Her birthday is so close to mine that every year I think, ‘She’s another year older.’ It’s just one of those sadnesses.”

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Larry added of his one-time meeting with Vanessa: “I sat for an hour with this little piece of me in my arms. My guilt, my sadness, my fears all turned over.

“I knew that this tiny being was there because her mum wanted her there. I’d made my decision and I’d walked away.

“I’ve never set eyes on my daughter since that day. But I’ve never forgotten that hour I spent with her.”

After his speedy romance with Anita, Larry went on to marry second wife Linda Martin, the mother of his son George Lamb, now 36.

That marriage also crumbled and he is now in a happy relationship with Clare Burt, 49.

They are parents to two daughters, Eloise, 17, and Eva, 13.

The father-of-four is currently competing in I’m A Celebrity and looks set to be one of the faves!