Larry Lamb “broke down” after being confronted by Martin Roberts

The jungle pair had it out over bullying accusations

Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb didn’t really see eye-to-eye in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

Larry was accused by some viewers of bullying the Homes Under the Hammer star.

In an interview on This Morning with Phil and Holly, he told them that Larry “broke down in tears” during their last day in Australia, after leaving the camp.

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He told them: “I was having breakfast with (wife) Kirsty and the kids – and who should walk up but Larry and his lovely lady, and it was the last time I was probably going to see them and I just grabbed Larry and hugged him. And I kept hold of him and said ‘this is a real hug’.

“He just broke down in tears. He said, ‘I am so so sorry about the way I acted towards you, and I am so sorry about what I said’…”, Martin said.

I'm A Celebrity

Martin, who lost a stone in weight in the jungle, and looks like a different person, said that he accepted the apology.

Well that’s very grown up of you Mr Roberts.

The property star said of crying while in the jungle: “There are all these cameras there but very quickly you forget. You’re in such an intense experience … I suddenly felt like the whole camp was against me.”

He said that the experience of being bullied at school came back to haunt him.

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“The emotions you go through in the jungle are intense, and that explains some of the things that happen, but it does dig deep into your internal psyche,” he said.

“I was badly bullied at school and always the last to be picked for sports things – it was five years of bullying, really badly, and it’s going to do bad things to your self esteem.

“In normal life if there are people you didn’t get on with, you’d give them a wide berth, but you’re stuck in the middle of the jungle and you can’t get away!”

Well, you two don’t have to spend any more time with each other now!

Larry will probably be glad of that…

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