Larry Lamb says soap stars turn to booze because of work pressures

Soap stars face the same levels of stress faced by over worked doctors and pilots, apparently

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We hear often about the wild lifestyles of telly stars.

No sooner have they finished shooting a scene and they hit the bars for a party to unwind and put their tough day behind them,

But sometimes their boozy lifestyles become just a little too much and some stars end up landing themselves into trouble.

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Just look at the fabulous Danny Dyer whose drink-fuelled antics at the National TV Awards earlier this year reportedly saw him getting a bit of a telling off from his bosses and being ordered to take some time out to calm down.

But now a former EastEnders star has spoken out and explained that he thinks that stars get so boozy because of the pressures placed on them by their telly bosses.

Handsome Larry Lamb,  who played the wicked Archie Mitchell back in 2008, said that the levels of stress that soap actors go through is similar to that faced by overworked doctors and pilots.

Er, really Larry? We’re not sure we’d agree with that necessarily.

Perhaps he means because they are filming six days a week and sometimes up to twelve hours a day, the first thing the actors want to do is head to a local bar and have a drink or seven.

“I chat to a few friends and I watch EastEnders now and then for old times’ sake and I have heard about Danny,” he told the Sun.

“There are a lot of businesses like EastEnders where people maybe get involved in drinking a bit more than they should.

“It happens with doctors and airline pilots — it happens with people working under a lot of stress.”

The dashing actor said that during his younger years he got caught up in the boozy lifestyle of the acting world until it got too much for him and hangovers became a problem.

“When you’re young you’re out and about filming TV shows and you know what it’s like — it becomes like this ongoing party.

“Every night everybody is out. I had years and years of that.”

However, as much as he enjoyed the party scene, he says that after a while and he got to a certain age,  he just couldn’t keep up and got pretty bored of  it.

“People do it and that’s the thing.”

“I just drank too much when I was younger. It was just something you did.

“I got into my sixties and I went, ‘You know, I’ve had enough of this. I can’t deal with these nine-day hangovers’.

“It’s just unbearable and I knew I had to stop.”

Meanwhile Larry also revealed that during his fifties he went through a dark time in his life during which he found himself having to seek medical help.

After being asked about Princes William and Harry’s recent comments about how they dealt with their mother’s death and mental health issues general, Larry explained that during a paricularly tough time in his life he turned to an expert to set him straight.

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“When I was in my fifties I was lucky enough to go and be looked after by a psychiatrist.

“I spent months and months talking to someone who could make you really understand what was troubling you.

“I think the problem is not everybody feels they should get help and they are wary of it. But for me it’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

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