Lancashire-based pie company outrages internet with its attempt at gravy

They really should have known better!

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If there’s one thing northerners know all about, it’s gravy. Well there’s lots of things northerners know about, but gravy’s definitely up there.

So when Lancashire-based company Holland’s Pies sent out a tweet this morning with the sentence: “Only true Northerners will appreciate a pie smothered in gravy,” they probably thought they’d be social media sensations today.

Southerners can also enjoy gravy (Credit: Twitter/HollandsPies)

To be fair, that’s exactly what happened – but sadly for Holland’s, not for the reason they’d have liked.

For you see, they had included a short video in their tweet, of a pie being liberally doused in gravy.

The offending gravy (Credit: Twitter/HollandsPies)

Unfortunately what they described as “gravy” was more like a weak trickle of brownish water.

And they didn’t reckon with the internet’s discerning taste for the brown stuff, and the internet let them know about it in short order.

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One wrote: “That’s not gravy, it’s water! And where are the mushy peas?”

While another commented: “Had thicker cups of tea.” Harsh!

The video only became more painful to watch, as the light-brown fluid splashed around the pie and chips on the plate.

Does this look like real gravy? (Credit: Twitter/HollandsPies)

Fortunately, after the deluge of angry complaints from northerners and southerners alike, Holland’s saw sense.

They tweeted a retaliation video, with much thicker and darker gravy.

Captioning the new video “We agree proper gravy should look like this! How thick do you like yours? #GravyGate.”

That’s better (Credit: Twitter/HollandsPies)

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Pie-lovers were soothed by the knowledge that northerners did still know how to make gravy, and the crisis was averted.

Now if you’ll excuse us, for some reason we’ve become rather peckish. Who fancies a pie?