Lady C reveals “rampant” bedroom secrets with ex-lover Larry Lamb

Apparently the I'm A Celebrity favourite was a very naughty boy...

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this information…

Lady Colin Campbell and Larry Lamb dated for six months, 38 years ago, and it seems like she can’t seem to forget their romance.

She has shared some very fond memories of her “lusty fling” with the I’m A Celebrity star.

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The 69-year-old EastEnders star once boasted that he seduced a NUN, so he must be pretty good at what he does in the bedroom!

Talking to The Mirror, she said: “He was gloriously attractive, pumping testosterone in all directions.

“I like someone who is very bright, entertaining and fun at all times and in all locations. Larry was absolutely rampant, he was a very naughty boy.”

Lady C, 67, also revealed that her cousin would often complain about their noisy love-making.


She also said that Larry didn’t mind at all that she was mistakenly raised as a boy due to genital deformity.

Lady C told the paper: “Any man who had problems with his masculinity would run a mile. Larry doesn’t have any doubts about him.”

Oh Larry…

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She also spoke about him on Good Morning Britain last Friday and said: “We were friends for years after, it was 38 years ago and was at the peak of his masculinity.

“We have drifted apart now.”

When asked who she thought would win this year’s show, she found it hard to choose just one!

She said: “Larry… Scarlett… Adam or Joe.”

Continuing on, she said: “Adam if he keeps it up. He’s so sweet and good natured.”

Adam, run! She’ll have her hands on you next!