Lady C and Phillip Schofield

Lady C claims Phillip Schofield ‘tried to shove her at party’ as ‘feud’ continues

They clashed on This Morning last week

Lady Colin Campbell has claimed Phillip Schofield ‘shoved her’ at a showbiz party.

The I’m A Celebrity star’s son Dima alleged on Twitter last week that the incident took place at an awards ceremony.

Following Lady C’s interview on This Morning last week, in which she branded Phil “ignorant”, Dima made the claims.

Phillip Schofield
Lady C claims Phillip Schofield ‘shoved her’ at a showbiz party (Credit:

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In response to a clip of Lady C on the daytime show, he wrote: “I personally remember when you tried to shove my mother at the ITV awards. You hate authoritative women!”

Now, Lady C has claimed the alleged push did happen.

She told the Mirror: “I was in a walkway, and Philip Schofield bounced into me, shoved me, trying to knock me down.

“Obviously so I would look ridiculous or people would think I was drunk or some such thing.

Lady C alleged that Phil pushed her “deliberately” (Credit: Alucard /

“I said to him ‘excuse me!’, but I didn’t know who it was until he’d walked past. I realised he’d done it deliberately, and Dima confirmed to he had done it deliberately.”

A spokesman for Phillip Schofield declined to comment when contacted by Entertainment Daily!.

Philip Schofield bounced into me, shoved me, trying to knock me down.

Last week, Phil and Lady C clashed on This Morning during a discussion about her new biography about Meghan and Harry.

The socialite sparked controversy in 1992 when she published an official biography on Princess Diana.

What happened?

Phil said: “After your Diana book, I would be surprised if any members of the royal family or aristocracy would want to willingly talk and get involved with more gossip.”

Lady C on This Morning
Lady C branded Phil “ignorant” on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

However, Lady C hit back: “Well that shows how ignorant you are.

“The fact of the matter is that my Diana biography, as People magazine said, was the most believable of all the biographies.”

She continued: “My relationships with all members of the royal family are private.

“If you knew anything about my private life, which you don’t because I don’t leak like a sieve, I’m not a Meghan or a Harry…”

Phil interrupted: “But you are a gossip. You’re a gossip.”

Lady C hit back: “What? Everybody is a gossip. Gossip is history in the making or history that has already happened.”

Phillip Schofield on This morning
The pair clashed on This Morning last week (Credit: ITV)

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Phil said: “But only when it suits you.”

Lady C said: “No, not when it suits me, when it’s the truth.

“I think if you had any respect for the truth you would be able to appreciate that people, who actually stand up and go against the tide, understand the truth.”

Phil hit back: “I think you’ll find I’ve done that myself,” to which Lady C said: “Only recently my dear!”

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