Loose Women ladies smuggle ‘contraband’ into Ibiza fitness camp

Nadia Sawalha revealed fruit isn't allowed in the resort

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Loose ladies Nadia Sawalha, Linda Robson, Andrea McLean and Saira Khan are currently undergoing tough training sessions in a fitness camp in Ibiza.

The panellists are soaking up the sun while working up a sweat.

But now Nadia, 52, has shared a clip on her Instagram of Andrea and Saira smuggling in “contraband”.

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In the hilarious clip Andrea, 47, and Saira, 47, can be seen juggling several oranges as they attempt to smuggle the fruit in the gruelling fitness resort.

Nadia captioned the video: “OMG I can’t believe @iamsairakhan and @andreamclean1 are smuggling in contraband!! Well I suppose now it’s here, it would be rude not to… Just don’t tell @thebodycampibiza.”

Nadia can be heard saying: “Oh my god, contraband! We’re not supposed to be eating fruit.”

Saira jumped in saying: “I know but I’ve had two.”

To which Andrea said: “We did. We were literally stuffing them in our faces like they were sweeties.”

Nadia was quick to grab an orange and went on to offer her fellow panellist Linda, 59, one too and of course Linda couldn’t resist and took one.

Shortly after Nadia shared another video on her account, which she shares with best pal Kaye Adams, revealing that she had lost her passport.

In the video the star explains that she had to go to the British Embassy instead of joining everyone else while they went paddle boarding.

She wrote: “SO fed up right now. Everyone is off #paddleboarding right now and what do I have to do? Go to the Embassy because I lost my passport!! This sucks. Someone tell me a joke to make me smile!!”

She said: “So so so fed up. Everybody else has gone to the beach for a two hour paddle boarding lesson and guess where I’ve got to go?

“To the British Embassy because I’ve lost my passport!”

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The outspoken ladies flaunted their bods yesterday as they stripped down to their bikinis to take a dip in the pool in between work outs.

Linda, 59, posted the snap on her Instagram with the caption: “After a really tough workout @thebodycampibiza we thought we deserved a dip in the pool, poor Nadia got hit by a drone.”

Posing alongside friends the ladies grinned as they enjoyed the amazing sunshine.

One fan commented: “You look so fabulous. Have fun and try and enjoy. Even though it’s going to be tough.”

“Looking good ladies! Have a wonderful time,” another said.

After a really tough workout @thebodycampibiza we thought we deserved a dip in the pool poor Nadia got hit by a drone

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Despite having to undergo tough work outs it seems the ladies are enjoying their time there a lot.

In another photo Linda can be seen relaxing on a sun lounger and one shows Nadia soaking up the rays as she posed in a bikini.

But we have to give them some credit as Andrea and Saira shared a sweaty selfie straight after a work out.

Saira wrote: “Worked out with this machine today @andreamclean1 @thebodycampibiza #friendship #grattitude #health #ibiza #workout #fitness.”

The Loose Women panel showed off their physiques in a body image campaign back in April.

The stars stripped down to swimsuits aiming to promote body confidence and celebrate their bods.

They banned the photographers from airbrushing the images and displayed the photo on a massive poster in Central London.

Good for them!