EastEnders fans have worked out EXACTLY how Lauren and Abi Branning will leave Walford

Well, they THINK they have

You’ve probably noticed that some rather big things have been happening down Walford way over the last week or so. We’re, obviously, talking about that horror fall on Christmas Day.

In case you’ve just got back from a sun-soaked festive break, we’ll give you a quick recap.

The sisters took a tumble on Christmas Day (Credit: BBC)

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Max Branning’s ex-wife, Tanya, returned to Albert Square and revealed she’d spoken to Jane Beale who’d told her how depraved Max had become.

His secrets about leaving Jane to die in the restaurant fire and being responsible for Steven Beale’s death came exploding out and as Max’s final ally, Stacey Fowler, turned her back on him – he headed to the roof of The Vic – determined to end his life.

But events took a dramatic turn when his distraught daughters, Lauren and Abi, followed him up, convincing him they love and forgive him.

For a teeny, weeny moment it all looked like it would be okay, but this is EastEnders we’re talking about and a relieved Lauren slipped from the roof – dragging her sister with her.

Doctors delivered Abi’s baby girl (Credit: BBC)

Fans were stunned that both girls appeared to have survived the shock fall, but on Thursday Abi was declared as brain stem dead with a doctor telling a mortified Max she had zero chance of recovering and it was only machines keeping her alive. Weep.

On Friday night, doctors performed an emergency c-section on Abi who was seven months pregnant with Steven’s baby. They delivered a baby girl.

Meanwhile, Lauren was last seen giving her son, Louie, a high five from her hospital bed as she recovered from life-saving surgery on her spine.

Now fans are convinced they know how actresses Jacqueline Jossa and Lorna Fitzgerald will exit the BBC One soap.

Lauren appears to have survived the horror fall (Credit: BBC)

And it’s not good news for Abi, who is almost certainly facing her life support machines being switched off now her daughter has been delivered.

But the EE loyals are hoping there is a happy ending on the cards for Lauren.

They took to Twitter to share their theories of the former alcoholic raising her sister’s baby now both parents are dead.

“So… Does Lauren end up leaving with Abi’s baby, Hmm… #EastEnders” pondered one fan, while another predicted: “Abby will die and Lauren will live and bring up Abby’s baby. Just guessing. #EastEnders.”

A third guessed Lauren would bring the baby up away from Walford with Tanya: “They gone deliver Abis baby and Lauren gona bring it up and leave with Tanya.”

Jacqueline and Lorna announced they were leaving the soap earlier this year, after eleven and seven years respectively in their roles.

Jacqueline praised the emotional Christmas Day episodes for their drama, saying: “When you’re leaving, you’re like: ‘Well it better be Christmas Day, come on! I better be falling off The Vic!’”

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EastEnders continues New Year’s Day at 8pm on BBC One