Kym Marsh reveals boyfriend Matt saved her daughter’s life

The Corrie star was frantic when Polly was almost severely injured in a freak accident

Her character Michelle Connor has had her fair share of dramas recently on the cobbles, after losing her baby and finding out her other half has been playing away.

But it turns out that life for actress Kym Marsh has been just as dramatic recently.

Kym has revealed that her daughter had a terrible accident (Credit: FlameFlynet)

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According to the former pop star and Coronation Street favourite, daughter Polly almost ended up in a very serious condition after a freak accident in the garden.

Polly was on the swings when all of a sudden it collapsed around her and looked set to smash her on the head.

But luckily Kym’s man Matt Baker was a superhero and saved the day.

Matt came to the rescue after Polly was in the accident (Credit: Instagram)

“A few days before our anniversary he saved Polly’s life,” Kym wrote in her OK! column.

“The two of them were in our back garden and Matt was pushing her on the swing, which is made of heavy, wooden logs.

Polly was on the swing in the garden when it collapsed and hit her on the head (Credit: Instagram)

“Suddenly, the whole thing collapsed and a log was about to hit Pol on the head.

“Matt dived on top of her and it hit him in the back, instead.

“He was in agony and his upper back was black and blue.

Kym said Matt was back and blue after the incident (Credit: Instagram)

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Kym added: “If it would’ve fallen on his head it would’ve knocked him clean out, so it doesn’t bear thinking about what could’ve happened to Polly.”

Meanwhile, in more real life drama, Kym has raged at sickos who are pretending to be her kids online.

“Yet another weirdo is pretending to impersonate one of my children on social media,” she wrote.

This time an account has been set up using photos of Polly.

It’s upsetting and to do something like that with Polly is sick – she’s six years old

Somebody’s got something seriously wrong with them and something needs to be done about it!’

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