Kylie Minogue ditches cheating fiancé!

Joshua Sasse had apparently grown close to an actress! The cad!

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She once sang about how she should be so lucky, lucky, lucky in love, but it looks like Cupid needs to work a little bit harder if Kylie is finally going to walk down that aisle.

According to reports the Red Blooded Woman singer has ditched her fiancé after she discovered he was a philanderer.

A source told The Sun that the Aussie pop superstar, 48, broke off her engagement to the handsome British actor, 29 because she suspected he had grown close to Spanish actress Marta Milans, who he had been working with on the US TV drama No Tomorrow last year in Vancouver, Canada.

And it looks like our Kyles is not in a forgiving mood as she has not only kicked him out of her London home, she has also whipped off her “beloved” Art-deco engagement ring and told pals that she no longer trusts him.

The pop princess posted a photo of a sun rising on Instagram to all of her loyal fans saying: “#lovers … Thank you for all your love and support throughout this recent chapter of my life.

“Thank you now for your love and understanding with the news that Josh and I have decided to go our separate ways.

“We wish only the best for each other as we venture towards new horizons. #thesunalwaysrises”.

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It was clearly a case of love at first sight for Kylie and Josh, when they met back in 2015 on the set of US show Galavant.

No sooner had the cameras stopped rolling and the pair were showbiz’s hottest couples.

But over-protective Kylie fans were in two minds about the relationship.

Not only were they unsure of Josh when he ridiculously claimed he had no idea who Kylie was (sure, he was in his late 20s but he didn’t live under a rock!), they were also concerned about the speed of the couple’s relationship, and were shocked to their very foundations when she got engaged within a matter of months.

And Kylie was only to happy to show off her new romance.

Not only did she have him appear in the video to her Christmas single Every Day’s Like Christmas (always an unwise move for a celebrity couple!) she then told the world that she pledged to marry Joshua when the Australian government decided to legalise gay marriage.

Kylie even had fans up in arms when she had the audacity to announce that she planned to ditch her very unique surname for Sasse when they wed.

Thankfully, this split means, Kylie’s surname remains intact – for now.

“She is absolutely devastated, totally heartbroken,” the source told The Sun.

“She really believed he was The One. But she no longer trusts him.”

Kylie supposedly grew suspicious of Joshua’s relationship with Marta and confronted in London before asking him to leave her home, which he had moved into at the start of the relationship

Last weekend, Kylie posted a pic on Instagram at a recording studio in which she obscured her ring finger by drawing hearts across the picture.

However, songwriter Grace Barker, who is working on Kylie’s album, also posted a photo which showed her ringless finger.

Oh Kylie, please don’t cry tears on your pillow.

Just get him out of your head and it’s never too late to find another Mr Right!

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