Kristina Rihanoff reveals plans for her dream wedding to Ben Cohen

The TV star met Ben Cohen on the set of Strictly – and now they want to waltz down the aisle

Former Strictly star Kristina Rihanoff has spoken about her ideal wedding.

“I just want to have my loved ones next to me,” said Kristina, who first met her partner Ben Cohen when he was a celebrity contestant on Strictly in 2013. “It doesn’t matter where it is or what we do.

“If I had to choose, it would be a nice hotel, somewhere small and romantic. It would be amazing to have all my family and friends together.”

The happy couple (Credit: Instagram)

The couple welcomed their daughter Milena last June. Ben also has twin daughters Harriette and Isabelle, who were born in 2008.

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Kristina, who will be embarking on her own tour later this year, also admits that motherhood has changed her for the better.

“As a competitive dancer, you’re in a self-absorbed bubble,” she told TV Life magazine.

Dancing dreams (Credit: BBC)

“You put your life into it. You worship dance and there’s nothing more important. Now it’s my job to look after my child, not just myself.”

Kristina announced her pregnancy during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother last year.

She later revealed that they’d made sure that Ben’s twins, whose mother is his ex-wife Abby, were the first to know the news.

The couple’s adorable daughter Mila (Instagram)

“It was most important for Ben to tell his twins before the show,” she said. “But he didn’t have them for a few days prior to the show, so we couldn’t announce it in the press or on Twitter.

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“So I had to go into the house keeping it quiet, so he could tell his family, his daughters. That was the most important thing for us to make sure they knew first.

Ben has also spoken about wanting to get hitched.

“I imagine we will get married at one point,” he said last year.

“Having a baby later on in life, we are both very set in our ways so it has been a big change for both of us.”